Halloween Zombie Prom Party

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Coming up with new party ideas for Halloween isn’t always easy, especially since the holiday occurs each and every year and if you’re the one that always must find a theme. To help you, here are a few Halloween zombie prom party ideas that you could get inspired from.

As we know, prom balls are always beautifully decorated and students always look for the most elegant clothes to show off at the prom. However, you could turn this superb event into a dramatic one, just like Stephen King’s Carrie book that was turned into one of the most popular Halloween-ish movies ever. The benefit of zombie prom party theme is that most scary Halloween costumes worn by your attendees will perfectly fit with the overall atmosphere.

So let’s see what we need to host a Halloween zombie prom party.

Where are you going to hold your Halloween zombie prom party?

First thing to know is where you’re going to hold this Halloween zombie prom party. Whether at home or in a ball room that you rent, these generic zombie prom party ideas for Halloween apply.

If you plan on holding this party at home, you must make sure that you have enough space to host all guests. This can be done using different rooms for different purposes. For example, the living room can become the ball room and the dining room can host the buffet as well as the bar area. Naturally you will want to keep the kids off of such a horrific event so make sure that you have a room especially dedicated for the children to gather, get a bunch of Halloween movies and board games so as to keep them occupied until bed time arrives. Another option would be to let your party guests know that your Halloween zombie prom party is an adult only party.

Know the type of zombie prom party for Halloween you’re planning

When it comes to parties, and no matter the event, I would say that without a potluck party there’s no party fun… For the hostess, of course. Why on Earth would the hostess miss all the fun she organized so carefully? Therefore, I recommend even before dressing your guest list, to make a decision on the type of party you’re going to plan.

Potluck Halloween parties are ideal because they allow the hosts to take part to the party most of the time. They don’t have to stay in the kitchen making sure food is served on time, they don’t have to cook (cooking is done before the party begins). Another great benefit about potluck parties is that since every guest brings some food and beverage, you never run out of anything. Then, you save money on your overall expenses – after all, you supplied the space and all the accessories materials needed for the event.

As a matter of fact, a potluck Halloween party helps setting up a budget that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg – or even more. It’s the perfect type of party to host given the current economic situation.

Halloween Zombie Prom Party Invite

Zombie prom party invitation cards

Are you going to serve foods at the Halloween zombie prom party?

Since you’re considering the type of Halloween party you’re going to host, I recommend deciding on serving food or hosting a drink and dance party only. This will allow you to prepare your Halloween party invitation cards accordingly. Indeed, in case you plan on setting up a potluck buffet zombie prom party, then you’ll have to let your party guests know that they’re expected to bring food and beverages along with them.

There are two options for doing so: the first one being to contact each of them individually before sending your party invites and ask them for that type of help. The other option would be to let them know on the invite card and ask them to confirm the type of meal and/or beverage they’re going to get along with them on the big day.

Sit-down dinner or buffet zombie prom party?

Since prom balls are always the most elegant events happening in school years, you might want to stick with the overall prom ball design. However, you may not have enough space in the rooms to place different tables along with chairs for everyone to sit down.

In this case, I suggest to opt for a buffet Halloween zombie prom party. This will only require your big dining room table to be decorated with a party matching theme along with a sufficient amount of chairs spread in all party rooms. Dishes, plates, cutlery sets and napkins on the buffet table, glasses and bottles in the bar area that can be located in the other room. Not having the buffet and the bar in the same area allows attendees to move from one to another and facilitate contacts between them.

Sending your zombie prom party invitation cards

Once everything’s set in your mind you can start browsing the Internet looking for zombie prom party invites. Zazzle.com provides you with a wide range of different Halloween party invitation card designs that you can choose from. Most of them are even customizable.

Another way to make your Halloween zombie prom party invites stand out is by making them yourself at home. This can be done using online picture stores that will provide you with the images you need to create your cards. That way they’re going to be highly personalized and absolutely unique. Dreamstime.com offers a wide range of downloadable Halloween related pictures and graphics. Just run a search on the site and you’ll get a bunch of results.

Using a photo editor, you will easily be able to create your very own invitation cards.

Once you’re done with making the cards, write your invitation text and add an RSVP so that you make sure your potential guests reply and confirm they’re going to attend your zombie prom party. You’re just left with the sending of the envelopes – I suggest to send invites in September so as to make sure everybody got theirs by mid-October.

Halloween zombie prom party decorations and props

Zombie Prom Photo Stand In

Zombie Prom Photo Stand In

When hosting a party decorations are one of the most important elements. And certainly when it comes to a Halloween zombie prom party! Although finding such props can be challenging, here are a few must-have party props that you can’t do without. Used both indoors and outdoors will provide your guests with the needed scary feeling.

Pumpkin decorations

They’re entire part of the Halloween celebrations and will add to the scary mood of your party if they’re turned into Jack O’Lanterns. The best part of pumpkin carving is that they can be used in two ways: the flesh can be turned into a tasty soup and the pumpkin can be turned into a spooky lantern.

Halloween candles

Another type of Halloween decorations are the candles that are one of the 5 must-haves. Using black candles on black chandeliers or black tea lights in transparent glasses helps you add to the terrific atmosphere of the party rooms.

Awful creatures

Creepy creatures such as zombies, skeleton flamingos, ghosts, and more are the ideal zombie party props to be used for the occasion ! They can be easily found in online stores, some for a very inexpensive price. Placed on the front yard, they’ll push the guests directly in the party mood. Spread in the party rooms, they’ll give the overall scene a very realistic appearence.

Halloween special effects and sounds

Special effects and sounds will enhance the atmosphere of your zombie prom party. As an example, the party could start like any other prom ball, with normal music and lights. However, once all attendees are in the rooms, you could switch these normal sounds into horrible ones and announce the opening of the zombie prom party fun. You can even add to the horrific mood using a fog machine.

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Halloween Games and Activities

When hosting a Halloween party you want to plan some games and activities to make along with your guests. These can take place at the time your guests are eating the appetizers as well as after the main dish. Games and activities allow them to wait till the next big event of the night. There are many different Halloween themed games that you can find online and print out so that your guests can each take part to the fun.

Plan one pen per guest and a few bingo, word scramble and other Halloween game sheets in order for you to add to the scary fun. You’re welcome to prepare a few prizes to give the winners – for example cute homemade Halloween nut cups can work wonders.

Costume Contest

Any prom ball elects their prom queen and king. And so, you’re going to plan a zombie prom party costume contest that will allow the guests to vote for their favorite couple. Plan some prizes for the winners. Prizes can be Halloween party favors or a bottle of wine or other beverage that’s been adorned with a Halloween-ish label including the year of the party. Another idea might be to give an Amazon gift card (prices start at $25) or a gadget or anything that doesn’t cost too much. A very inexpensive price is a pumpkin cake that you can make using the pumpkin flesh left from the carving.

People really enjoy costume contests, this is the reward for the effort they put into finding the accurate scary attire for your party. So getting a few prizes will provide your party attendees with joy.

For such an entertainment, I suggest having a big glass bowl (punch bowl will work wonders), as many paper sheets and pens as you expect attendees, and have them at Midnight to vote for their favorite costumed couple. At 1 AM you unveil the results and ask for the zombie prom queen and king to come in the center of the party room and give them their prize. The contest can end with a dance that the queen and king would perform.

Halloween Party Foods

Depending on the type of Halloween zombie prom party you’re planning, you have to think about foods. Since this is a prom themed party I’d suggest for the foods, to have ghoulish appetizers on the buffet table and serve normal food to your guests. This is especially if you ask your guests to bring a dish along with them. Some might not have time to prepare specific Halloween foods, some might not like eating horrible foods, some may just not know how to prepare them.

You can however get some ideas to help you start your party menu by visiting our quick and easy Halloween recipes.

So, here you have a few ideas that will help you set up your fun and creepy Halloween zombie prom party. Have fun!

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