10 Halloween Party Themes

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Coming up with Halloween party themes isn’t always easy as, year after year, if you’re the one that hosts those parties, you might turn out of ideas. Here you will find 10 Halloween party themes so as to prepare your next get together on time.


Vampire Halloween Theme


Vampire Scene Setter Room Roll Set

Vampire Scene Setter Room Roll Set

Ah vampires are among Halloween’s favorite creepy creatures! Vampire charms never fade away…

The vampire costume choice is quite wide and range from sexy vampiress Halloween costumes to gothic female outfits. For men they also range from the Victorian Lord costume to the ugliest party outfits.

Vampire Halloween party props include bats hanging from the ceiling, a moon light clock so as to let your party guests know when sunrise occurs and when it’s time to get back into their coffin. Some additional decorating ideas that will provide your party rooms with a creepy ambiance include:

  • Black flowers arranged in black vases,
  • Black candelabra with white bloody candles or black candles,
  • Chairs decorated using big bows made out of black tulle,
  • Vampire scenes to place on the walls,
  • etc.

Movie Party Theme


Wonderland Arch

Wonderland Arch

For such movie Halloween party themes you can ask your guests to come dressed as a movie character. Many movies can do the job of providing you with get together themes. From medieval and Renaissance themes like Pirates of the Carribean and Lord of the Rings; witch and wizard themes like Harry Potter; more modern movies like Men in Black… The range of options is more than wide, it’s gigantic.

One popular movie theme you could get inspiration from this year is Alice in Wonderland. It is a big hit! Alice and Mad Hatter costumes are selling like cakes. More particularly, this movie also makes a great source for fun Halloween costumes instead of scary ones.

As for Alice in Wonderland party props and room settings, you could make it be the famous tea party. The entrance could be a Wonderland arch, the table centerpieces can be also inspired by the movie while some standees can recall Alice’s adventures decor (giant Mad Hatter hat, card suit guards, etc.)

Other Halloween movie party themes can be inspired from super heroes movies such as Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, X-men, and son on.

Now there are many movies created after books like Stephen King’s Children of the Corn or The Mist. If children are supposed to attend those parties you can also choose a theme in the wide collection of fairy tales and Disney films.

Zombie Halloween Party Theme

Zombies never know if they’re dead or alive and make great characters to feature at Halloween parties. They’re cannibals so the decor should be quite bloody.

Zombie Halloween party props are available in good retailing stores and include dark silhouettes, zombie standees, animated props and disgusting body parts that you can display on the buffet table – if you plan on feeding your party guests of course.

An unusual party might be a Halloween zombie prom party where all guests that are supposed to be dressed in their most beautiful clothes attend the party with well worn and bloody outfits.

Gothic Halloween Theme

Gothic Mansion Hallway Scene Setter

Gothic Mansion Hallway Scene Setter

Gothic Halloween party themes are also trendy as many people use to get dressed in gothic clothes everyday. Gothic attires are classy but creepy. They provide you with a very strange impression – a dramatic mood perhaps.

You can turn your house into a gothic manor quite easily using some specific gothic Halloween party props.

Manor themed wall decals will add some dark atmosphere to the house while a manor hallway wall scene will provide your decor with a very realistic touch. Some manor wall rolls will perfect the overall decor.

The buffet table as well as the bar area should be decorated using black items such as tablecloth, candelabra, candles, glasses, etc.

History Party Theme

History party themes make great sources for finding Halloween costumes. They are also great party themes as they allow you to set up a specific period in history.

When planning a Halloween history party theme, you should let your guests know the era long before the party so as to make sure they’ll find the associated outfits.

Some interesting history themes are:

  • Medieval era
  • Renaissance period
  • 18th Century – and it’s modernism
  • 1920s flappers
  • 1950s rock’n roll
  • 1960s hippies
  • and more.

Halloween Ancient History Party Theme

Agean Archway

Agean Archway

These are themed parties where women can come dressed as Greek goddesses and men as Ancient History warriors or gods. Roman history is also a good source to get inspired from when choosing a Halloween costume: from Julius Caesar to gladiator while women can feature a Roman Empress or goddess.

Egypt will also provide you and your guests with tons of Halloween costume ideas, from Cleopatra to Pharao, from mummies to royal guard. You could even mix Roman and Egyptian histories because of Marc Antony and Cleopatra…

For Ancient History themed Halloween parties, the range of party props include Mediterranean arch and columns, wall decals featuring walls and ivy, etc.

Alien Halloween Theme

Aliens – aka extra-terrestrial creatures – are a hit when it comes to Halloween parties. So shall the theme of your get together be a hit as well.

Gather your friends and neighbors and ask them to wear those Alien Halloween costumes.

The decorations for Alien parties aren’t hard to find since the main theme is the Earth invaded by extra-terrestrial creatures. Depending on your own tastes you can make it a dreadful party with an invasion of horrible creatures or a softer one with ET getting back to Earth.

Science Fiction Themed Parties

Alien Deluxe Adult Mask

Alien Deluxe Adult Mask

Science fiction TV series and movies are all the craze these days so this party theme is a good one for everyone. You plan the party, you decide on the costumes : Star Trek, Satar Wars, Space 1999, Alien, whatever the movie or the TV series, your guests will come dressed in their favorite SF heroes.

Mask Parties

Mask Halloween parties are get together for people who definitely don’t want to spend on money in buying costumes or time making their own Halloween party outfits themselves. The guests have to wear a headpiece instead. Face covered or not, from pirate hats to alien masks, from intricate face paint to special wigs, all attendees must wear something on their head.

Even More Themed Halloween Parties

A scary themed Halloween party would be one where everyone has to be dressed like a creepy creature (ghouls, ghosts, etc.)

A fun party theme would require from the attendees to come dresses as clowns, clowns, looney tunes characters, …

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