How To Make Scary Halloween Shadows

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Halloween is nothing without decorations and props spread here and there in the house. But Halloween doesn’t taste the same without a scary ambience. To better render the dark atmosphere of the holiday you can make scary Halloween shadows. These will improve the haunted vibes of your home and frighten anyone passing by our house at dusk.

Here’s How To Make Scary Halloween Shadows

Making Halloween shadows isn’t as hard as you think. Here’s an easy way to make scary Halloween shadows. For this type of spooky decorations you won’t need a lot of materials nor does it require a lot of work. So pack your creativeness and follow me in this short trip on the creation of creepy Halloween shadows.

Make Scary Halloween Shadows

Directions To Make Halloween Shadows

  1. Using the white pen and Halloween stencils, draw a few Halloween silhouettes on black construction paper.
  2. Cut the silhouettes out of the paper
  3. Cut the wire netting to the desired size (at least twice the votive candle height)
  4. Tie two ends of the wire netting so as to form a cylinder
  5. Stick the construction paper around the cylinder and place on your tabletop
  6. Add the lighted candle in the center and enjoy your scary Halloween shadows.

Note: if you wish to add some colors to those shadows, you can do so using colored battery operated votive candles or by pasting transparent colored paper on the inside of the black construction paper so as to create false stained glass support. You can also use standard candles but make sure the wire is wide enough for the paper not to burn…

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