How To Make Halloween Blood

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So you’re going to entertain your friends this Halloween with a bloody party but need to find recipes for you to make Halloween blood. However, you must make sure that you aren’t going to top your cupcakes using non edible Halloween blood. As a matter of fact, there are different ways to make such fake blood and all depend on what you plan do to with the resulting product.

how to make halloween blood at home

Here are a few tutorials for you to make fake Halloween blood.

How to make Halloween blood using chocolate syrup

Let’s start with a short tutorial on how to make Halloween blood that’s edible using materials you have in the kitchen already.

What you need:

How to make Halloween blood using chocolate syrup:

  • Pour chocolate syrup in a pill cup
  • Add three/four drops red food coloring
  • Mix food coloring and chocolate
  • If the blood color doesn’t meet your needs, add three or four additional food coloring drops – until you get the right blood color.

Halloween blood made out of chocolate syrup is edible, therefore you can spread on your sweet Halloween treats such as Halloween cake, cupcakes, ice creams and more.

How to make Halloween blood using Karo syrup

You can create realistic Halloween blood with this recipe that’s using Karo syrup.

What you need:


  • Pour Karo syrup in the mixing bowl
  • Add three drops red food coloring
  • Mix red food coloring and Karo syrup – if the color does not meet your need, add one or two other drops
  • Add one drop blue food coloring and mix
  • The color of the mixture should turn into a dark purple – you can add up to two drops if needed
  • Once you’re satisfied with the color, gently pour floor into the mixing bowl and mix
  • As soon as the Halloween blood turns into a translucent and stronger mixture, you’re done.

This fake blood will work wonders on any decorating item that’s put on your table. Be cautious when manipulating fake blood and ensure that you don’t pour it on your clothes.

Buy fake blood from costume stores

Graftobian Stage Blood 8 OuncesGraftobian Stage Blood 8 Ounces


Naturally, you can buy Halloween blood from the costume store.

For example, this stage blood can work wonders on your Halloween party.

You can use this product to fill pills that you put in your mouth so as to feature a dying person who’s losing blood through the mouth.

You can also spread on clothes to feature severe injuries or on your skin for a more realistic effect.

However make sure to use this product on well worn clothes as it may stain them and you might not be able to remove the color from the fabric.

All in all buying ready-made fake blook from stores isn’t always the ideal solution – unless you don’t have time to create your own homemade fake blood.

So in case you don’t have another alternative, make sure to add some floor to the product you just bought – especially if it’s too liquid to look realistic.


How to make Halloween blood on video

Here are a few additional recipes for you to make Halloween blood to help you get going. Don’t hesitate in being creative and enjoy!




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