3 Halloween Party Themes

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This Halloween, the party theme you choose needs to be both scary and enjoyable. The guests to your party want to have the best night of their lives and you can help by choosing a great Halloween party theme. Taking a look at the past year, the top three Halloween party themes are Twilight, Halloween and the Couples theme.

Twilight Halloween Party

The Twilight Halloween party theme will be based on the popular Twilight books and movies. This theme offers a huge selection of decorations and costume choices. In order to best plan the party, it is important to read ALL of the books in the series. Some of the most interesting characters and plots take place in the later books that have yet to hit the big screen.

The party can use a dual vampires and werewolves theme with thick red punch, “finger” foods and “puppy chow”. “Finger” foods loaf shaped cookies with peach or brown colored icing for the skin and white icing for the nail. The “puppy chow” can be created by mixing pretzels, crackers and various cereals into a large bowl. Simply toss the ingredients together and voila, “puppy food”.

Halloween Movie Party

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The Halloween party theme is about more than just the holiday, it involves the Halloween movie series. This year marked a huge time for the Halloween movies because newer versions have been released and a whole new generation of Michael Myers followers have been born. This theme needs to be dark, gloomy and involve lots of different masks. Guests should wear masks to the party, but these masks can also be used as decorations hanging from the ceiling. Other cool decorations for this Halloween party could include hanging corpses and “blood” tainted napkins.

Couple Halloween Party

The couples theme is a great choice for both kids and adults. This Couple Halloween party theme centers on famous duos in movies and books. Tom and Jerry, Romeo and Juliet or Laurel and Hardy are all great choices. The party decorations for this theme are simply two of everything. Hanging two spiders together, two bats together or two scary pumpkins together will easily represent the duo theme.

Halloween parties do not have to be dull and boring. Take a look at the most popular trends this year on the screen and in the library and you can find a huge list of Halloween party themes to choose from. If the party will be for children, why not choose a Noggin theme where all the kids dress up as their favorite character from this popular television network.

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