Best 1950s Pin Up Girl Costumes

polka dot retro playsuit

The most suggestive 1950s pin up girl costumes 1950s Pin up girl costumes are among the most popular sexy Halloween party outfits out there. From 1930s pin up girls like Betty Boop to the most recent ones, women enjoy getting dressed in naughty outfits which attract men’s eyes. Pin up … Continue reading

1940s Sexiest Pin Up Girl Costumes

marine pin up girl costumes

What are the 1940s sexiest pin up girl costumes Sexy pin up girl costumes are a great way to show off your superb silhouette on Halloween. Pin up girls were highly popular in the 1940s and you could see lots of them stuck on army’s vehicles during WWII. In the … Continue reading

Hottest Betty Boop Costumes

hottest betty boop costumes

Find the hottest Betty Boop costumes ever So you are eager to get your hands on the hottest Betty Boop costumes… You have landed on the right page. I’m a big fan of this cute anime character that was conceived with adults in mind. Betty Boop was born in the … Continue reading

How To Make Pumpkin Window Decorations

how to make pumpkin paper plate

If you have children you surely want to make some Halloween crafts with them this holiday season. And you are right. Here you will find tutorials to make pumpkin window decorations out of paper plates and pumpkin lanterns out of lunch bags. Both DIY Halloween crafts are easy to make … Continue reading

Make Cobweb and Spider Window Decorations

how to make cobweb and spider window decorations

A great type of crafts that your kids will love, is to make cobweb and spider window decorations for Halloween. Making such ornaments is not hard at all and is lots of fun to create for children and adults alike. Halloween decorations for windows actually range from ghosts that you … Continue reading

Make Halloween Window Skeletons

make halloween window skeletons

Halloween window skeletons are a great way to decorate the home both inside and outside. Scary window decorations highlight the season and bring in the spooky mood indoors as well as outdoors. Passers-by will love to look at your windows and discover some or your spine chilling ornaments. Both kids … Continue reading

The Guardians of the Galaxy costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy costumes are cool The Guardians of the Galaxy costumes are cool this Halloween. If you or your kids are in a mood for hunting intergalactic villains, then these costumes are going to give you the needed push to start the journey. What is the Guardian of … Continue reading

Kids Halloween Game Printables

rockin aroud the haunted house game printables

Kids enjoy Halloween game printables. Such activities are perfect to keep little ones occupied during the holidays. But they are even more useful than that. Halloween game printables help adding more fun to your parties, whether birthday parties, Halloween parties for kids. Printable activities even succeed in keeping grownups entertained. … Continue reading

10 Top Men Halloween Costumes 2014

Duffman Classic Muscle Adult Costume

Top men Halloween costumes 2014 are out! So the list including the top 10 men Halloween costumes 2014 is out and you are eager to learn what’s in it. Summer blockbusters, popular TV series and hot video games made it. From cartoons to Marvel comics superheroes, from weirg TV shows to games … Continue reading