Homemade Halloween Yard Decoration Ideas

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Because on Halloween, kids go from house to house trick or treating, you will want to decorate your yard with Halloween symbols such as ghosts, monsters and alike. As a matter of fact, while decorating your backyard isn’t probably indispensable, scary and creepy decorations in the front yard reflect the Halloween spirit and you want to impress your neighbours just like they do want impress you!

Here are a few homemade Halloween yard decoration ideas for you to choose from. They will allow you to set up the Halloween mood to your front yard.

There’s a Jack-o-Lantern on my Yard!

halloween jack o lanternOne of the most basic homemade Halloween yard decorations is, obviously, the Jack-o-Lantern! Who wouldn’t have a carved pumpkin featuring a Jack-o-Lantern on their front yard on Halloween?

The lighted pumkin is the greatest way to celebrate the Samhain holiday and, if you’re creative enough for the task, you can personalize it as much as you want.

If you want to make it really spooky, you can add a dark candle inside the pumpkin. Another idea would be to paint it black; which will provide the candle light a really scary effect.

By running a search on the Internet, you’re going to find many different carving patterns so that you can provide your Jack-o-Lantern the spookiest aspect.

Brrrr! Monster Prints in your Yard

To get really creative in your Halloween yard, you can make some monster footprints and spread them onto the yard. Monster footprints are easy to make decorations.

Here’s how to produce with a magic market, draw a footprint on a big sponge. Cut out the footprint, dip it into glow-in-the-dark paint. Press the sponge in several spots in your yard and on the stairs to your front door.

Imagine the kinds who are coming your home… how much they’re going to be impressed by those monster footsteps! Surely, they’ll come back next year for as much fun as this Halloween!

Halloween Ghosts on the Yard

Ghosts are another very popular Halloween symbol and you should have at least one on your front yard.

Here’s how to make a simple but attractive Halloween yard ghost: get a white piece of fabric. Then get a helium filled balloon and place it in the middle of your piece of fabric and tie the fabric around the balloon.

Using a black permanent marker, draw the face of your ghost – go as creative as you want and draw whether a funny or a scary face. Voila! You’ve got your homemade Halloween ghost ready.

You can hang the ghost on the tree or place it on a pic on the yard. You can even make an entire Halloween ghost family!

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