Homemade Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

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A homemade trick or treat bag is a great add-on to any homemade Halloween costume. And if, after having made your kid’s trick or treat outfits, then you may look for ideas to make Halloween candy bags at home. Obviously, you can buy a Halloween candy bag in any good supermarket or Halloween retailing store but making a trick or treat bag at home brings more fun to the Halloween holiday and can help you save money at the same time. All you need to do this is to give your creativeness room for making the most of your candy bags.

Make a Paper Halloween Candy Bag

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The first place to look into for a Halloween trick or treat bag made at home is the area you store your old shopping bags. Indeed, the bag is supposed to carry a huge amount of candies, therefore, you’ll want it the strongest as possible. But you might want to make lovely smaller Halloween candy bags too; actually, the choice is yours. Preferably use a paper shopping bag for such a craft.

Next, get some Halloween related designs that you’ll use to decorate the bag. Such designs can be found on the Internet as many sites allow you to download Halloween figures and templates for free or for a very small fee. Any good local craft store in your area will also provide you with such designs. Download or buy the designs you best like.

Instructions to make your own Halloween trick or treat bag

  • Paint the bag orange or paint it the color of candy corn: orange, yellow and white,
  • Print the designs you found online or have those you just bought ready,
  • Once the paint is dry, draw the figures you want to be shown on the candy bag,
  • Add colors and you’re done.


Draw the designs on some light cardboard or construction paper and paint them with Halloween themed colors, cut them out and glue the figures to the bag. Doing so will give your drawings some kind of 3D aspect; which will improve the quality of your homemade Halloween trick or treat bag.

How to Make a Fabric Halloween Candy Bag

Recycled Fabric Halloween Candy Bag

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If you don’t want to use a paper shopping bag, you may opt for a fabric shopping bag.

After having made sure that the bag is strong enough to include a great weight of candies, you’re going to decorate the bag.

Instructions to make a recycled fabric Halloween trick or treat bag

  • First make sure the bag is of a Halloween related color: orange or black. If it is from another color, you can get some fabric paint and paint it orange or black.
  • Alternatively, us a permanent fabric dye product so that you get a perfect coloration and can re-use the bag next year.
  • Then draw the figure you best like on the bag – you can even create an entire Halloween decor; which would include a graveyard, some ghosts, bats, sinister moon and clouds as well as a few dead trees in the background.
  • Instead, a joyful smiling Halloween pumpkin would look gorgeous on your recycled Halloween candy bag!

Halloween Ghost & Pumpkin Iron Transfers

Another option for such decorations would be to get some designs that you would iron into the fabric, they work wonder on such a bag.

However, for such a use, you must keep the bag white otherwise the transfer might not work properly.

Just ensure that you put a piece of carboard between both sides of your bag so that colors don’t end up mixed.

A fantastic way to decorate a fabric Halloween trick or treat bag is to use fabric that you would cut into Halloween themed shapes and then sew or paste them on it. To make them more attractive, sprinkle some glitters that you would have mixed with some fabric glue.

Use fabric markers to write a Halloween message on the bag or the names of your kids if you have more than one and, therefore, more than one bag.

Homemade Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

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Whenever you have some pieces of fabric which you’re about to throw away, keep them as you’re going to recycle them and sew your own Halloween trick or treat bag.

If don’t know how to cut the fabric in a manner to make it a bag, make a search through Google and you’ll find ten dozens websites that provide you with free bag patterns that you can download and print out.

Instructions to make such a Halloween trick or treat bag

  • Cut the different pieces of fabric. Those pieces can be of different colors; let’s say that you cut a black piece, an orange one, a gray one, etc. out of well worn t-shirts and other clothes.
  • Sew all those pieces together so that they form a bag.
  • Next cut two long pieces of fabric and sew them in order to form the handles.
  • Now that your bag is done, make sure that it won’t open once it becomes heavy with all those goodies your child will get from the neighbors.
  • Next, use some patterns you found online and which are related to Halloween: ghosts, pumpkins, skulls, etc.
  • Cut them out of other pieces of colored fabric you might have or out of colored construction paper.
  • Stick to the bag and you’re done.

Your child is now ready to go all out begging for candies, door to door, in the neighborhood.

Making your own Halloween trick or treat bags will ensure your kids that nobody else has the same bag as they do have and will keep them occupied during those long days of Fall.

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