How to Create Spooky Window Ghosts

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Spooky window ghosts are great crafts to make with the kids if you’re looking for an easy and fun Halloween crafts. Creating window silhouettes is suitable for children of all ages. Spooky window ghosts are amazingly fun to make. In additon you can create them using items you can find around the house!

How to make spooky window ghosts

Material Needed:

Used dryer fragrance sheets


Cut ghostly shapes out of the dryer sheets and draw simple faces on them.

  • Make them all shapes and sizes, smiley and spooky!
  • Use two tiny pieces of sticky tack or tape, positioned over their eyes, to stick them onto windows or mirrors.

They look particularly effective and ethereal if the light comes in behind them. You can make your spooky window ghosts large or small and hang them everywhere for a great Halloween effect!


You can also make some spooky window ghosts out of white contact paper much the same way you made the ones above.

  • Cut out spooky shapes for ghosts of different shapes and sizes.
  • Use an X-acto knife to carve out the ghost faces, and then stick them to your windows.

Green Demon Window Scene

Make many different ghosts and decorate all of your windows for a great spooky effect.

When making spooky window ghosts, you don’t have to necessarily use material that will stick to the window itself.

Here’s a cute idea to make spooky window ghosts that you can just tape on:

  • Take a white piece of paper and have your child stand on it with their bare foot.
  • Trace around the outside of the foot – not the toes!
  • Then, cut out the figure.
  • The heel will be the ghosts head.
  • Use a black marker or crayons to draw on a ghostly face and cut out arms from white paper.
  • Glue the arms to the sides and you have a fun ghost.
  • Tape them to the window for a cute Halloween decoration.

You can also have spooky window ghosts just by making a ghost and then hanging them from your window so they can be seen outside:

  • Make your ghost out of tissue, a handkerchief, or any other material you can think of.
  • The possibilities are endless, and they are limited only by your own imagination.

Spooky window ghosts are fun ways to make your house inviting to trick or treaters or party goers.

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