Zombie Garden Gnomes

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A Fun Halloween Yard Decoration: Zombie Garden Gnomes

Whether you include the cute little garden gnomes in your landscaping during the rest of the year or not, adding a set or two fo Zombie Garden Gnomes during October is a fun way to decorate for Halloween. Place them in your landscaping, next to your door or anyway you think it might just make someone notice and get “spooked”. They will add a fun little extra to your overall lawn decor that is for sure.

Real garden gnomes are known for their helpfulness in the garden. Oh sure, we never see them at work because they do it when we are not looking, usually at night. I’ve been given the understanding that gnomes are very intelligent and kind of the geeks of the underground world. They are always up to date on the latest technology available for working the earth so they are beneficial to have around. Zombie garden gnomes, on the other hand, are dead gnomes that have come back to life. Like their walking dead cousins, the human zombies, they like to eat live things. Well, that is what I’ve heard anyway. That might not be such a bad thing, if you think about it. Zombie gnomes could help get rid of those nocturnal creatures that often eat your plants. It is a definite possibility, anyway.

Where can I find Zombie Garden Gnomes?

zombie garden gnomesWere you wondering if they existed and where you could find some for your yard? You have come to the right place because I can show you where to find a few of them, anyway. This Forum Novelties Halloween Horror Zombie Garden Gnome would be a fun one to have in the yard! Personally, I like the couple shown at the right. They could be placed together as man and wife zombie gnomes or they could guard two different areas of your yard. It is entirely up to you as to where you put them. You can also find some fun examples at your local garden stores, Walmart and other stores that carry outdoor decorations. The fun thing is that you can have as many or as little as you want. I think it would be fun to create a sort of Zombie Garden Gnomes Apocolypse scene. Have several walking in an unorganized line towards the sidewalk or drive of your home. That just might scare the daylights out of your visitors!

I have about five “normal” gnomes that stand guard in my garden during the planting season and this year I plan to replace them with a variety of the Zombie Garden gnomes just for the fun of it during Halloween. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they will at least scare those pesky squirrels that eat my bird seed away. A girl can hope, can’t she?

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