Making Halloween Nut Cups

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Making Halloween nut cups is a fun craft project to make with the kids. Halloween nut cups as they were known in old Victorian England – or Halloween tiny baskets generally speaking – are interesting Halloween party favors. In general, Halloween nut cups measure about five inches tall and are decorated with yellow, orange and black crepe paper.  Also, each nut cup features a twisted crepe or wire handle.  The goal is to create a wee small container for Halloween treats such as small candies and nuts. Want to create some homemade Halloween nut cups yourself? Read on…

Material needed for making Halloween nut cups include:

Directions for making Halloween nut cups or tiny baskets:

  1. Glue the crepe paper to the paper cup while folding the crepe paper in such a way that it looks ruffled
  2. Measure a foot of black craft wire and cut
  3. Glue the wire handle to the paper cup that is inside your crepe paper strips
  4. Decorate the crepe paper around the paper cups with sequins and Halloween stickers
  5. Fill the Halloween nut baskets with candy and nuts
  6. Display on your party table or hand out to trick or treat visitors


Do you need to see for yourself how to make Halloween nut cups or tiny baskets?

Then check out this great video that will walk you through the processo of making your own Halloween mini baskets at home.

How to Make Halloween Nut Cups Using Toilet Paper Rolls

You can make Halloween nut cups with toilet paper rolls. This is a great way to keep the children occupied during the holiday. It also allows little ones and their parents to share common activities and get a bunch of decorative ornaments made from home. Check out this video, it’s a step-by-step tutorial for you to make these cute Halloween tiny containers.

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