How To Plan a Fortune-Teller Party this Halloween

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Are you interested in a big change this upcoming Halloween? Then you should plan a fortune-teller party. Fortune-tellers are somewhat psychic, spirituality-minded, even sometimes witches. And the dark ways of telling the future to others may be entire part of the Halloween enjoyment. The little plus of a fortune-teller party is that kids can attend without problem. Although there will be no bloody scene, the atmosphere will be weird, mysterious and dark; which fits with the Halloween season pretty well.

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How to plan a fortune-teller party

Here are a few tips and ideas for you to start planning your tarot card reading party this Halloween. Instead of what you believe, this does not require divination or clairvoyant skills. No, we are going to plan a psychic Halloween party for everybody. An event where all attendees will have lots of fun while getting predictions about their future and seeing fortune-tellers in action.

To plan such a fun gathering, you will need to build your guest list so as to know how many people will be assigned the role of clairvoyants. Next you will have to gather some materials so as to provide the rooms with the accurate atmosphere. Fortune-tellers evolve in a peaceful atmosphere that is highlighted with scented candels and tools of the trade. But the overall mood is quite dark and fits perfectly for the occasion. Not everybody is required to be dressed in gypsy or psychic attires but your guests can be costumed, this just adds to the fun. You’ll see how later on.

Send your fortune-teller party invitation cards

Once you have listed all attendees, carefully select the fortune-teller party invitation cards. Their design should provide the future guests with a first idea of the ambiance they can expect. Also choose a specific text that will let them know that they are expected to ask for future telling and divination sessions. Let them also know if they should be dressed in any specific character.

For example, you can hire some fortune-tellers among your party attendees. These guests should be dressed like actual psychic readers (gypsy style or they should wear a lot of gemstones on their fingers, necklaces and bracelets, etc.

Always make sure to add an RSVP to your fortune-teller party invites so as to ensure the number of guests and future clairvoyants. Cards should be sent more or less two months prior the party is going to be held so as to make sure everyone on your list can make it.

Prepare different rooms for fortune-telling sessions

In reality, there are different categories of psychics out there:

  • Those that read the future in tarot cards and oracle arcana,
  • Those that use medium powers,
  • Those that read in hand palms,
  • People who guess the future using runes,
  • Others also work with “flashes”,
  • The clairvoyants who get help from their angels,
  • And so on.

To create a more dramatic effect, you will want to separate all these categories in one way or another. For example in one room you can place the tarot card reader, the palm hand reader and the rune reader while in another room you can place those that work with medium and channeling powers. Preferably separate each table as well. For example you could use lighted columns made out of glittering fabric to provide each psychic reader with their very own environment.

You will find a bunch of ideas for fortune-teller party supplies and decorations here.

How to set up the rooms for the psychic sessions

Now you are not obliged to have that many stands either and you can just hire a tarot, a rune and a hand palm readers. There are some different ways to set up the rooms for the purpose.

Idea #1 – Use the tools of the trade as a means to “pay” for food and beverage

For such a fun idea, you will need to get rune sets or miniature tarot cards sets ready. Place a number of them in an envelope that your guests are required to get along with them once arriving at the party. Beverages are set to be paid using these tools.

Set up the fortune-teller party bar area in one corner of the room and designate the bartender. The bartender should for example be a rune reader, give him/her a list with the runes that are available at the party and an explanation. Each time a guest passes by the bar asking for a drink, he/she should pay using a rune. and the bartender tells the guest his future through the symbol that is drawn on the rune.

You can use such a fun way to “pay” in another category of fortune-tellers: miniature tarot cards might become some kind of money as well. In such a case, the tender would just read the explanation on the list when paid for the beverage or food. This won’t work that good with palm readers so you may want to prepare a table in a separate area for them.

Idea #2 – Copy and paste an actual fortune-telling event

Altar Tarot Cloth: Triple Goddess With Pentagram - 24Altar Tarot Cloth: Triple Goddess With Pentagram – 24


A second idea would be to simply copy the way that official fortune-telling events are set. Have three separate areas where each one of your psychics will sit and have divination sessions with your party attendees. You can divide the areas using dark purple curtains or screens.

Dress up each table using dark purple or black cloths and on each of them add a fortune-telling mat. Lit some scented candles and incense: both of them will do a great job. You will also make sure that each table is decorated using tools of the trade – this will be the subject of another article.

Prepare tickets that you place in a big bowl in the entrance. Ask your guests to take a ticket or more so as to make sure they can get their very own divination session with your clairvoyants.

Special music for a fortune-telling party

Obviously a fortune-teller party necessitates a specific music background. You will want to look for oriental style music or even flower power style that works pretty well with anything spiritual. Zither and cymbals work wonders in the semi-occult world. You can also choose some “supranatural” style music background for playlists that will delight your party attendees. The musical background must be light and slow.

Music must be entire part of the mysterious aspect of the event. Mystic, mystery, weird must be the keywords of your fortune-teller party this Halloween. And the occasion is perfect for holding such a type of get together.

Plan fortune-telling games and contests

Besides the fortune-teller stands, you can also plan some tarot card and other fortune-telling tools games. For example how about a quizz related to the tarot card meanings? Or one that would require from your party guests to name all the tools of the divination? You could reward the winner with related tools.

Here is a list of fortune-teller party favors that will please the attendees:

  • Pendulum made out of crystal or other stone,
  • Tiny crystal balls,
  • Tarot of Marseille mini deck,
  • Colorful rune set,
  • A guide about palm reading,
  • Charmstones,
  • A keychain featuring a positive tarot card major arcanum,
  • Fortune-telling bracelet charms…

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When hosting a fortune-teller party, there is no need to spend a fortune on prizes. Divination tools of the trade are not very expensive. The person receiving a pendulum made out of crystal does not only get a psychic item. Instead, they receive an item that is providing their home with good vibes as crystal is a positive element.

As you see, it is very easy to plan a fortune-teller party. What makes a fortune-teller party even more attractive is that because it is very original, it is going to agreeably surprise your guests. Moreover, both kids and adults can attend such a get together without fearing from blood and other awful scenes.

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