3 Ways To Make a Halloween Vase

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You’re about to host a Halloween party but are still looking for some nice decorations to enhance the party theme? Don’t look further: here you’re going to learn how to make a Halloween vase that will add a touch of spooky elegance to your holiday decor.

Halloween vases can be used for many purposes: as scary decorations for a haunted house or as table centerpieceS in case of a formal Halloween dinner.

How To Make a Halloween Vase Out of A Pumpkin

Symbol of this scary holiday, the pumpkin can make a Halloween vase to place on the buffet table for example if you host a get together this year.

  • Take a medium pumpkin
  • Cut its top
  • Take the flesh and seeds out of the pumpkin
  • Decorate the pumpkin. For example draw black Halloween silhouettes on it or paint the pumpkin black and draw black and orange silhouettes… The choice of design is quite wide when it comes to pumpkin painting.
  • Place a smaller container inside de pumpkin
  • Arrange a bunch of black silk flowers in it.

This type of Halloween vase makes a great addition to a zombie or vampire themed Halloween party decor.

How To Recycle An Old Vase into a Halloween Vase

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22″ Black Glitter Twig Branches

If you have an old vase of which you don’t plan to do anything with you can recycle it into a great decoration. So here’s how to make a Halloween vase out of an existing standard vase.

  • Get black spray paint
  • Spray paint the vase
  • Once the paint has dried, draw halloween silhouettes on it and paint them in Halloween colors. You can even paint them gold and silver.
  • An alternative is drawing Halloween silhouettes using glitter glue pens.
  • Arrange some dead flowers in it or black silk roses.

A great option for such a Halloween vase is its metamorphose into a Halloween tree:

  • Get some dead tree branches
  • Spray paint them black
  • Arrange the branches in the newly painted vase
  • Suspend Halloween tree ornaments

Voila! You now have a superb creepy Halloween decoration!

How To Turn a Glass Vase into a Halloween Flower Container

Halloween Black and Orange Flower Bouquet Wooden Roses Closed bud

Halloween Black and Orange Flower Bouquet Wooden Roses Closed bud

You don’t have old containers to recycle but still want to make a Halloween vase for the party to come. No problem. There’s a great alternative for you to create such a decoration.

Assuming you have a transparent glass vase on hand here’s an easy way to turn it into a creepy ornament:

Fill your delicate glass vase with decorative black glass sand or black marbles, arrange black artificial flowers in the vase and voilĂ , you have made a Halloween vase in no time.



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