Creepy Dept 56 Halloween Howl Radio

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The Dept 56 Halloween Howl Radio is a must have if you are setting up a Halloween village this season. The Howl Radio from the Snow Village collection by Dept 56 makes a fantastic addition to any Halloween decor.

The Dept 56 Halloween Howl Radio is the creepiest one in the world

Dept 56 Halloween Howl Radio Department 56 Halloween Snow Village HOWL Radio


Everybody enjoys listening to the radio at night. The small difference between a standard radio and the Howl one is that the latter is going to get your hair raised straight on your head!

Listen… The creepy radio show is on air.

Planned to broadcast frightening and awful Halloween sounds, the Dept 56 Halloween Radio Howl is made by hand using resin and ceramic.

This wonderful and high-quality Halloween collectible is handpainted and features a myriad of elaborated details. Dept 56 has done the things right. Here’s what you can expect from this absolutely scary yet elegant collectible:

  • A werewolf presentator,
  • Dead trees surrounding the building; which comes with half a cave house look,
  • Lighted broken windows (as with any of such a frightful decor),
  • Satellite dishes on the tiled roof,
  • And even a witch hat shaped antenna with speakers in the form of an owl’s eyes.

The whole building is as nightmarish as any other Halloween village element should be. And we can guess that even though there may be a Halloween blackout, the radio will still keep transmitting.

Whether you are a Halloween village collector beginner or expert, you will enjoy adding this house to your decor. However if you’re not owner of such a village display, you can just feel the pleasure of using it as stand alone tabletop decoration for your home. Not to mention that it makes a wonderful gift that shows your recipient how much you care.

Dept 56 Halloween Howl Radio is definitely one of those items you must own if you want to provide your home with that Halloween-ish look and feel.


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