Creepy Halloween Salt and Pepper Sets

Halloween salt and pepper sets can greatly contribute to your holiday kitchen decor. Mostly when one decorates for the All Hollow’s Eve, one focuses on the corridor, the living room and the front yard. Yet decorating the kitchen is as important as decorating the bathroom during this scary holiday.

However you might not want to entirely decorate the kitchen. That is where Halloween salt and pepper sets come in handy. They add a little extra touch to your kitchen and do not require a complete makeover. Let’s see a few of the nice yet scary Halloween salt and pepper shakers available in stores.

Scary Halloween salt and pepper sets for the kitchen

Do you have a preference for the type of themed accessories you’d put in the kitchen? These might be skeletons, black cats, witches, zombies… Some of these shakers can be creepy or just funny. Weird or not, they definitely add a little something to the kitchen atmosphere. Moreover they can be used on the dining table in case you do not wish to entirely decorate that room either.

Couple salt and pepper shakers

The model of these salt and pepper sets that you are going to choose depends on your decor and personal tastes. But what do you think about these couple Halloween salt and pepper shakers? I love the newlydead ones; which can work pretty well in a newley wed couple house, for example. The zombies also matches the holiday perfectly while the witch and wizard will surely please kids around the table.

Halloween Ceramic Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers Collection SetSalt Shakers – Zombie Monster And Bride Kissing Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker SetNewlydeads Skeleton Bride and Groom Wedding Salt and Pepper Shakers Set S&P NewZombies Magnetic Ceramic Halloween Salt and Pepper Shakers S&P Set Monsters New

Skeleton salt and pepper sets

Skeletons are among the most popular Halloween symbols. Skulls and bones are the heart of the holiday. People place such items everywhere in their holiday decor. I’m convinced that your guests will enjoy seeing these skeletons playing their role on your table. Some look really spooky, others are horribly funny. Made out of resin, polyresin or ceramic, these Halloween salt and pepper sets are sure to please and enable conversations around the table.

Spooky Skeleton Chef Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Cauldrons & SkullsScary Skeleton Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Spice Rack Display Stand Holder FigurineSkeleton Wedding Skull Salt And Pepper Shakers Holder Set Home Decor FigurinePandie Panda Bear Furry Bones Salt N Pepper Shakers

More whimsical salt and pepper sets

While browsing stores for these items you are going to see that there is a wide range of different designs to choose from. From whimsical owls to witches accessories and familiars (shoes, cauldrons, cats, brooms); from ghosts to pumpkins, from bats to tombstones. Hm… the number of different Halloween salt and pepper sets is so large that you might find it hard to pick just one.

Halloween Tombstone & Witch Cauldron Salt & Pepper SetWitch’s Broom and Cauldron Salt & Pepper ShakersWicked Witch Shoe Ceramic Salt & Pepper ShakersBlack Bat Halloween Salt and Pepper Shaker Decor Set1 X Whimsical Halloween Owl Salt and Pepper ShakerTombstone Owl Halloween Magnetic Salt & Pepper Set Ghost and Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker Set of 2Hallmark 2 Pc Black CAT and Pumpkin Salt/pepper ShakerHalloween Cupcake Salt and Pepper Shakers

Dia de Muertos salt and pepper shakers

What if for a little change you prefer to pick one of these Mexican salt and pepper sets? Day of the Dead salt and pepper sets perfectly illustrate the holiday and come in so bright colors that it would be sad to pass on them, don’t you think? These colorful skulls and couples are so cute.

Dias De Los Muertos Wedding Dance Sugar SkullsWestland Giftware Mwah! Ceramic Salt and Pepper ShakersMexican Traditional Wedding Couple Sugar Skulls Day Of The DeadDay of Dead Sugar Black & Red Skulls Salt & Pepper Shakers1 X Day of Dead Sugar Wedding Skulls Salt & Pepper ShakersDia De Los Muertos White & Blue Skull Salt And Pepper Shakers

Enjoy the holiday.

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