Halloween Craft: Pumpkin Painting Ideas

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fun craft activities halloween pumpkin paintingYou enjoy homemade Halloween crafts and are looking for ideas to get inspired from? Then you’re going to love Halloween pumpkin painting. Here I have a few new pumpkin painting ideas to add to your Halloween decorations made by hand. Moreover I selected a few decorating ideas that can be made by children and some other that should be made or supervised by adults.

Pumpkins can be used for outdoor decorating such as scarecrows, fende ornaments, pathway lanterns and more. But there are many more ways to use the pumpkins as decorating items. You can turn them into flower vases, candle stands, showpieces, etc. All these Halloween crafts can be used for indoor decoration purpose as well.

So if you’re ready to paint your pumpkins and celebrate the holiday in style, read on.

Painting Ideas f?r ? Halloween Pumpkin

In this page you’re going to find great ideas for you and your children to paint pumpkins. Don’t just make one of them, get creative, pick all these ideas and turn your pumkins into unique decorating items.

What do you need to start painting pumpkins?

  • Pumpkin stencils,
  • Black and white paint
  • Colored paints – to taste
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Transparent varnish
  • Pencils
  • Craft materials such as chenille, craft pins, etc.
  • Accessories (hat)

Pumpkin Painting Ideas f?r Children

How to turn a pumpkin into Pinocchio

Th?? idea requires ? little imagination ?nd effort t? make pumpkin ? ‘crowd-pleaser’. Take ? pumpkin th?t ??nn?t sit ?r ? less th?n perfect pumpkin, ?? th?t th? stem w?uld become th? nose. Paint th? nose Tuscan red ?nd prime th? surface ?f pumpkin w?th multi-purpose sealer. Paint th? eyes close t? th? stem w?th white ?nd black. U?? olive-green colors t? paint hair tuft just ?b?v? th? eyes. Dress h?m w?th ? top hat f?r th? evening. Th??? painted pumpkin faces look awesome ?nd attractive.

How to paint a pumpkin leggy spider

Cut th? pumpkin fr?m top ?nd bottom t? make ?t flat. Paint ?t ?ll black. U?? white color t? paint mouth ?nd eyes. Stick black pompom ?n th? white base ?f eyes ?nd purple pompom f?r nose ?nd ? boa ?f same color ?n th? head f?r hair.

F?r legs u?? th? soft tufted cord th?t ?? generally used ?n embroidery, called chenille. Bend th? chenille ?nd attach th?m t? th? pumpkin. Th?? long-legged arachnid, ? homemade Halloween decoration, ??n b? very easily made b? th? kids.

Pumpkin Painting Ideas f?r Adults

pumpkin painting ideas for kids and adults

Photo courtesy of Linnaea Mallette

Pumpkin Silhouette Painting

Draw ? face ?f ? witch ?r ? ghost ?r ? bat w?th ? pencil ?r ??u ??n ?l?? u?? stencils t? make th? task quick ?nd easy. Cut ?t ?ut fr?m th? pumpkin. Paint th? complete pumpkin w?th white color ?nd th?n paint th? silhouette black (th?? w?ll include th? interior ?f th? pumpkin).

Apply ? layer ?f varnish ?? th?t th? paint sets ?nd shines. Encircle th? silhouette w?th ? black lace ?nd decorate ?t w?th pins th?t ?r? pearl-headed.

Haunted Pumpkin Manor

Painting ? ghosted mansion w?th windows chiseled ?n th? pumpkin w?uld give haunting looks. Draw ? haunted mansion ?n th? pumpkin ?nd ? moon b?h?nd ?t t? make ?t look like ? scary night. Cut ?ut th? windows ?n ?t ?nd candlelight th? pumpkin fr?m inside.

More Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Th?r? ?? no ?nd t? finding ideas, but here w? have ??m? more ideas th?t ??n help ??u ?n Halloween decoration ?nd f?r painting pumpkins.

Materials Needed to Paint Pumpkins

Different Paints

Metallic paints like bronze, silver, gold, ?r glitters wh?n put together w?uld look elegant ?nd beautiful. Making u?? ?f spray painting w?th black color, along w?th adding features t? ?t w?th contrast colors like olive-green, white, orange, ?nd yellow w?uld look very different. But ?ll dark w?uld n?t b? visible during night, ?? ??u ??n ?l?? u?? glow-?n-dark paint t? highlight th? features.

Pumpkin Painting Patterns

halloween pumpkin painting ideas to make at home

Photo courtesy of Linnaea Mallette

Pumpkin painting stencils ??n ?l?? b? used w?th spray paints t? make patterns ?f ??u ?r? n?t good ?t drawing. Y?u ??n easily get th? stencils fr?m th? local craft stores. Pumpkin face painting th?t ?r? spooky, scary ?r goofy ?nd u?? ?f tinsel, hats, raffia t? decorate th? pumpkins w?uld stand ?ut ?f th? rest.

Different Pumpkin Painting Designs

S?m? unique designs th?t ??n b? made w?th pumpkin ?r?:

  • Watermelon pumpkin,
  • Samurai pumpkin,
  • Polka dot pumpkin,
  • Candy wrapper pumpkin,
  • Pinky pumpkin,
  • Boogy eyes pumpkin,
  • Long-nosed frog pumpkin,
  • Pirate pumpkin,
  • Pumpkin cat,
  • Humpty pumpkin,
  • Robot pumpkin
  • and many more.

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