How to Make Papier Mache Pumpkins

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The Halloweenies Book Two: A Halloween paper craft book (A Visit to Pawpaw's) (Volume 10)

The Halloweenies Book Two: A Halloween paper craft book (A Visit to Pawpaw’s) (Volume 10)
You can create many different wonderful creepy, scary and fun projects using papier mache! This support makes great Halloween crafts to make along with the kids as well and provide you with low cost ornaments and party favors for the occasion.

What would be Halloween without pumpkins? Pumpkins can also make great Halloween party favors however natural ones may happen to be a little too big and heavy for your guests pockets or bags. A great alternative is then to make papier mache pumpkins.

Getting pumpkin party favors as present to the party attendees will make them feel getting a symbol of All Hollow’s Eve. They will enjoy receiving papier mache pumpkins. and will, next year, be able to use it as Halloween home decoration as well.

How to Make Papier Mache Pumpkins

Here’s what you need to make papier mache pumpkins:

  • Orange tissue paper,
  • Mini-balloons (3″ up to 4″ diam.),
  • Halloween candy mix,
  • Some mini Halloween favors such as spider rings, glow-in-the-dark rubber ducks, mini-monster toys, bubble party favors, stickers, etc.
  • Green paper (you can use tissue paper as well, it’s easier to shape this type of paper),
  • Black construction paper,
  • Craft or wood glue,
  • A big pencil.

Directions to make pumpkins out of papier mache

  1. Using the pencil and glue, stick the orange paper all around the inflated mini balloon leaving a small free space on its top,
  2. Once the tissue paper has hardened and there’s not risk for the shape to flatten, deflate the balloon,
  3. Pass some Halloween candies and favors through the free space left,
  4. Draw some leaf shapes on the green paper,
  5. Using those leaves, seal the pumpkin top,
  6. Draw Jack O’Lantern eyes, nose and mouth on black construction paper, cut them out and stick on the papier mache pumpkin.

That’s it, you now have mini pumpkin party favors to give your party guests.As you can see they are a great Halloween decoration idea as well.

Now that you know how to make papier mache pumpkins, go create some for the home. You won’t have to put any tiny toy into them. Just make papier mache pumpkins in a big number; create different face expressions using black construction paper and display them in all the house rooms. Because they’re not heavy they can even be used as hanged decorations.

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