How To Make Pirate Costumes for Kids

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how to make pirate costumes for kids

How to make pirate costumes for kids
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Halloween is a time of enjoyment for kids. They go all out, trick or treating neighbors dressed in fancy attires. While store-bought costumes are generally beautiful and more intricate than others, it may be quite costly when the whole family has to get new outfits once a year. Not to mention other occasion for getting dressed for a masquerade party.

So if you happen to have many children to find outfits for, then I suggest to opt for homemade ones. Here is a short and sweet tutorial on how to make pirate costumes for kids in a very short amount of time. Ready? Let’s go!

How to make pirate costumes for kids

In previous centuries, pirates used to sail the seas and rob ships of diverse fleets. They were the bad boys of the oceans. Movies nowadays studied that kind of lifestyle and with films like Pirates of the Carribeans, they brought these villains to fame.

Since then lots of people adopted such a Halloween costume theme. Here’s an easy and quick way to make pirate costumes for kids this Halloween. They will only require from you to have well-worn stripped shirts and pants on hand.

  1. Cut the bottom of the stripped pants as well as the ends of the shirt’s sleeves.
  2. Dress your children in these clothes.
  3. Place a pirate bandana around your children’s heads or necks, the pirate eye patch before their eyes and give them the broad belt and the pirate sword you bought from the store.
  4. Put the finishing touches with a specific face paint.

Voila. As you can see you don’t have to spend hours and hours making these costumes. Boys and girls alike can wear such a party attire – black for boys, pink for girls, for example.

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