How To Make Skeleton Costumes For Kids

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How to make skeleton costumes for kids

How to make skeleton costumes for kids
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Homemade Halloween costumes for kids can be entertaining to do if little ones help. Making costumes yourself is the best way to save on the money spent buying ready-made outfits from the store. Though, I suggest you to take both the price and time invested into the task if kids don’t participate.

The shortcut to make sure you don’t spend unreasonable time on preparing a costume from A to Z, is by using well-worn clothes. This will allow you to focus most of your energy into the enjoyable part your youngsters are pleased with – doing the decorations or preparing the party.

How to make skeleton costumes for kids

There is no real Halloween party without at least one skeleton. This very sinister Halloween costume can be made out of used black clothes such as a black sweatsuit and glow-in-the-dark paint.

In order to make skeleton costumes for kids, you should proceed as follows:

  • Draw bones on the front and the back of the black sweatsuit. For such a purpose I suggest to run a search on Google and find a skeleton picture so as to make sure to paint the right bones at the right place.
  • Allow the paint to dry and you’re almost done: your little ones can dress in their new very creepy Halloween costume.

You can perfect the costume with a matching face paint, of course. Here is an easy tutorial to make a skeleton face paint.

If you happen to have a daughter who loves nothing but pink clothes and make up, then you can always paint those bones on a pink sweatsuit and get inspiration from a sugar skull face paint or, for more advanced hands, a sugar skull art makeup.

As you can see, there is always a way to make an incredible Halloween costume even while on a budget and for next to nothing.

There is no need to spend too many hours cutting out and sewing pieces of textile. Doing the way shown above will allow you to spend time on the fun part of the holiday: having a good time with your kids.

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