How To Make A Sexy Olaf Costume

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Disney Frozen Olaf Plush Costume Face Mask for AdultsDisney’s Frozen costumes are still highly popular these days. And sexy Frozen costumes are also extremely in demand right now. Women love to get dresses in sassy party attires and be the center of the attention at parties. Halloween is no different. And thus, Frozen sexy costumes are a big thing in this very period.

Disney’s Frozen sexy costumes

Do you remember that there has been a hullabaloo regarding last year’s new line of sexy Disney Frozen party attires? There were people who were against those sexy Frozen party outfits, others who literaly fell in love with these sexy Frozen costumes.

Three sexy party outfits were conceived after the characters of the movie.

  1. The sexy Olaf costume, which was sold out in a matter of days,
  2. The Princess Elsa sexy party outfit, which sold out really quickly,
  3. The Princess Anna, that wasn’t as sexy as the two others nor even as beautiful as those. Actually, that one differs from the original dress in that it had a short skirt and the character wears a high tights made out of lace.

Right now, you can get a sexy Ice Queen costume from the most popular online store. However, the Olaf version is still not available.

Make a sexy Olaf costume at home

Don’t be upset as if you wish to get your very own sexy Olaf costume then I suggest to make it yourself. It is a great way to surprise the party guests – who think the item is not for sale and will make you the focal point of the event.

So here are the items you will need to make this cute attire at home:

  • One white sleeveless leotard,
  • Big black round buttons,
  • A pair of long white gloves,
  • White high tighs,
  • Olaf the Snowman mask or carrot mask,
  • White high heels.

It is the easiest and quickest homemade outfit you will ever do in your life: just sew the black buttons on the leotard or the tutu. Now get dressed. In order to perfect the costume you can get an Olaf mask or a carrot mask.


For a more personal touch, you can replace the leotard with a white tutu corset and the black buttons with pompoms. If you wish to go further, a white bonnet on which you sew some twigs will work as Olaf’s wig – this will provide your sexy Olaf costume with an humorous twist.

Actualy, there is always a way to get a highly customized sexy Olaf the Snowman costume. Just let your imagination (and personal tastes) go wild.

Here is a sample shopping list:

Princess Tank Leotard, WhiteDyeable Satin Opera GlovesExotic Thigh High with Ruffle TopBrand New Pom-Poms 5″Carrot Nose SnowmanPlatform Pump Stiletto Heel

Enjoy 🙂


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