Homemade Halloween Teeth

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There are various homemade Halloween teeth craft projects that really go over well with children.  For instance, there is the Halloween specimen jar with teeth sitting in the jar, and then there are candy teeth that can be served during Halloween parties for both young and old. In general, the idea of homemade Halloween teeth is centered on a skeleton’s teeth while other chilling Halloween characters are also presented with their teeth in mind.

The ingredients for making Halloween teeth include:

Candy Corn 5lb Bag

Candy Corn 5lb Bag

  • 1 pound of white chocolate
  • 1 pound of candy corn if white chocolate is not available

Directions for making simple homemade Halloween teeth:

  1. Chip the white chocolate into tooth sized pieces and arrange in a bowl labeled “skeleton teeth”
  2. Cut the orange part of the candy corn off and save the white ends for your skeleton teeth jar
  3. Serve the “teeth” that you present in either a specimen jar or a candy dish labeled skeleton teeth

Big Bubba Bubba Teeth SKU-PAS563361A homemade Halloween teeth display is a simple and fun way to celebrate the holiday with a candy treat or a simple decoration.  For decorated purposes, purchase a few sets of “Bubba Teeth” that is sold at most novelty shops or online at websites that sell Halloween treats and decorations.  The idea is to place several pairs of the plastic Bubba Teeth around the buffet table in either a glass specimen jar or even a glass of water.

At the same time, there are many Halloween costume fans who simply make homemade Halloween teeth painting teeth on something that resembles an image of a skeleton.  Also, painting Halloween teeth on a pumpkin is far easier than carving a pumpkin.

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