Homemade Halloween Animatronics

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Are you looking for homemade Halloween animatronics instructions? You have come to the right page, then. Halloween animatronics may be highly expressive and colorful.

For instance, there are many Halloween fans who build their own Halloween animatronics using skills they’ve developed while using the Internet.  Now, if you can download videos and various documents and images, you have the means to create some really fun animatronics.

Also, when it comes to automation for Halloween decorations, it is always best to keep it simple.  For instance, many homeowners install motion detector lights around their home as one easy way to create homemade Halloween animatronics.  There are some people who have a tape recorder loaded with ghoulish sounds that they turn on when they see their automated motion detector lights switch on during trick or treating on Halloween night.

Making homemade Halloween animatronics fun

Ghost Hour: Halloween Music and Scary Sound Effects

Ghost Hour: Halloween Music and Scary Sound Effects

At the same time, home automation animatronics for Halloween fun is a growing trend at electronics shops and online websites that sell various animatronic gadgets that create sound, light or images.

For example, homemade Halloween animatronics can be as simple as setting up wireless speakers outside around your home.  On Halloween night, simply play scary music or sound effects on your stereo system using those wireless speakers that you’ve set-up outside your front or back doors.

Also, there are numerous Halloween sound effects CDs on the market today that can make this project as easy as putting on the sounds of Halloween for your visitors to experience.

In addition, the lighting department of most home supply stores features dimmers and other light control devices that will go a long way to enhance the overall feel of your haunted home.

For instance, a standard light control kit features remote control lights that can be dimmed just as your Halloween guests arrive at your front door.

Here are some other easy homemade Halloween animatronics:

  • Consider turning on your home water sprinklers with a smartphone app or computer
  • Consider placing scary pictures in your home or apartment windows with a color wheel light behind the images
  • Consider using your automated garage door opener to open and then shut the door several times as trick or treat visitors arrive at your home

In general, homemade Halloween animatronics is a wide open area of creativity that usually involves using a remote control or automatic control device to create sounds, lights or movement to scare your guests.

For the simple homemade Halloween animatronics color wheel presentation, you will need the following materials:

  • A color wheel sold at most stores that feature Halloween and Christmas decorations
  • Clippings from horror movies with the images needing to be at least a foot in diameter
  • Poster board to glue the horror movie images on
  • A tape recording of Halloween sounds

Directions for putting the Halloween animatronics color wheel together include:

  1. Place color wheel on a table behind your ghoulish images that have been mounted on poster board
  2. Make sure the images can be seen from outside your home
  3. Place a speaker outside the window where the images are displayed and play creepy music on your computer or stereo system that is connected to your remote speakers
  4. Sit back and enjoy visitors who spot your ghoulish images.

That’s it. Enjoy your brand new homemade Halloween animatronics and go create some more!

Homemade Animatronics for Halloween Video Showcase

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As you can see there’s no need to be an expert to make homemade Halloween animatronics. Some of them are a piece of cake. However, if you’re not familiar or don’t think you have the needed skills you can always buy pre-made Halloween animatronics from the stores.

Happy Halloween!

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