Homemade Grease Costumes For Adults

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Are you searching for homemade Grease costumes for adults or manufactured Grease costumes for men and women? You may also be looking for both… Then you have come to the right place, here I’m going to show you how to make your own homemade Grease costumes for adults so a to take full advantage of your next Halloween party and even where you can find ready-made ones.

Cool homemade Grease costumes for adults

Homemade Grease Costumes For Halloween - Grease Bad Sandy Women's CostumeGrease Danny Costume


First let’s recap what Grease is all about… The 1950’s in the USA. Danny and Sandy met in a holiday resort, they fell in love. However as summer came to an end, each one had to leave their own way. Surprise! This year Sandy attends classes at Rydell High School. And Rydell is Danny’s high school as well.

Grease was one of the most popular movies of all times and touched teenagers worldwide. Today, the former teens we once were still think about it with nostalgia. Thus, why not revive these good old times when “You’re The One That I Want” and “Summer Nights” were the #1 tunes in the charts. The times when Danny and Keneckie were teen girl’s ideal boyfriends. The times when dance was a lifestyle?

Let’s see how to create your very own Grease party outfits

Whether manufactured or homemade Grease costumes for adults are a perfect fit for families and groups of friends expecting to spend a fantastic night out on Halloween. By the way, you can also find Grease Halloween costumes for kids if they’re interested in such party outfits.

Sandy’s dress at school

Grease Good Sandy CostumeGrease Good Sandy Costume


One of the top manufactured or homemade Grease costumes for adults is the one worn by Sandy. Sandy is blonde, a wise classy teenager, somewhat naive and she fell in love with Danny. Here’s how to make one of the most popular homemade Grease costumes.

  1. A white short-sleeved blouse
  2. Pale yellow waistcoat
  3. A long flared yellow skirt
  4. White socks
  5. White tennis
  6. Ponytail style blonde wig
  7. Mascara, pale pink lipstick

Note: Use a Crinoline in order to extend the skirt.

Sandy at Rydell Fancy Fair – Bad Sandy

Grease Bad Sandy Women's CostumeGrease Bad Sandy Women’s Costume


The most spectacular of all homemade Grease costumes for adults is certainly the suit worn by Sandy at the end of the movie. The bad Sandy’s party outfit is also a very popular one among people. Here’s how to proceed.

  1. A black t-shirt
  2. Black leather or vinyl trousers
  3. A black leather or vinyl jacket
  4. High heels red shoes
  5. Curly blonde wig
  6. Eye liner, grey eye shadow, mascara, lipstick red

Rizzo’s school attire

Grease Women's Rizzo CostumeGrease Women’s Rizzo Costume


Perfect for you if you have a preference for easy yet super sexy homemade Grease costumes for adults is the Rizzo dress. Rizzo is the Pink Ladies’ leader. She is a teenager who has a thing for liberty and lives her life according to her own laws only. She broke up with Danny and has then become Keneckie’s girlfriend. This is a really attractive among all Grease costumes for women that you can choose from.

  1. A black short sleeve blouse
  2. A narrow black skirt or black Capri pants
  3. A pink jacket (“Pink-Ladies” written on the back)
  4. Black shoes
  5. Eye liner, mascara, dark green eye shadow, black pencil on eyebrows
  6. Short hair wig
  7. Red lipstick
  8. Sunglasses

Rizzo’s attire at Rydell fair

This one is also a super sexy Halloween Grease costume for women that you can create if you have these elements on hand:

  1. A red short sleeve blouse,
  2. Pink shorts
  3. Red sandals
  4. Tie a red scarf around your neck
  5. A pair of sunglasses is always a good thing to impersonate this character

Pink Ladies costumes

Adult Grease Pink Ladies JacketAdult Grease Pink Ladies Jacket


Grease Beauty School Dropout Women's CostumeGrease Beauty School Dropout Women’s CostumeGrease Frenchy Adult CostumeGrease Frenchy Adult Costume


The Pink Ladies are a group of nasty young women. Frenchy, Marty, Jan are the Pink Ladies, Rizzo’s team of frivolous, full of themselves, egotistic minded young adults. Their goal in life is to seduce the T-Birds. Here is how you should get dressed to impersonate such characters…

  1. A tightly fitting short-sleeved blouse
  2. A black pen skirt with tartan print or black Capri pants
  3. A colored scarf around the neck
  4. A pink jacket (“Pink-Ladies” written on the back)
  5. Black shoes
  6. Eye liner, mascara, eye shadow dark green, black pencil on eyebrows and red lipstick

Then make sure to wear the character’s wig: are you going to be Frenchy the future hairdresser, Marty the future movie star or Jan the lollipop lover? You can even impersonate one of Frenchy’s poor models at beauty school…

Danny Zucco’s costume

Adult Grease Authentic T-Birds JacketAdult Grease Authentic T-Birds JacketDeluxe Grease Adult Danny WigDeluxe Grease Adult Danny Wig


Danny is the hero of the movie. He is the chief of a gang known as the T-Birds. The T-Birds are rebel teens in Rydell High School. Danny is in love with Sandy, but doesn’t want to admit it as he fears losing his status of leader.

Here are the elements you should have on hand to look like Danny Zucco…

  1. A black jacket
  2. A black t-shirt
  3. Black pants
  4. White socks
  5. Black shoes
  6. A 1950 style black wig
  7. Black sunglasses

Grease Gym Danny CostumeGrease Gym Danny CostumeGrease Rydell High Men's Letter SweaterGrease Rydell High Men’s Letter Sweater


Two humorous alternatives to the black clothes are Danny’s sportswear when he joins Rydell’s sports team. The gym costume consists of a white short, a red T-shirt, white socks and white sneakers. The Rydell vest can be worn on your black pants and shirt provided that you have white socks and a pair of black shoes. Both costumes will enable you to add that touch of humor that was one of Grease’s specificities.

Keneckie and the T-Birds costumes

Grease Kenickie WigGrease Kenickie Wig50s Style Switch Blade Comb50s Style Switch Blade Comb


Keneckie is Danny’s best friend; he is also the second T-Birds leader. He’s involved in a passionate yet complicated relationship with Rizzo. The other T-Birds are Sonny, Doody and Fonzy, the worst school students, with a touch of humour.

  1. A black jacket
  2. A white t-shirt
  3. Blue jeans with returned edges
  4. White socks
  5. Sneakers
  6. A 1950s-style black wig
  7. Black sunglasses
  8. A fake cigarette behind the ear of Keneckie

As an alternative, you may want to wear the Greased Lightning outfit the T-Birds wear when working on their car at school.

Rydell cheerleader Sandy costume

Women's Grease Rydell High Cheerleader CostumeWomen’s Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Costume


Sandy was once a cheerleader at Rydell and you can also decide to impersonate that side of the lovely character. Here are the red and white clothes you should gather for such a purpose.

  1. A white short sleeve blouse
  2. A long red flared skirt
  3. A red jacket
  4. White socks
  5. White tennis
  6. Ponytail style wig
  7. Mascara, pink lipstick

Note: Use a crinoline in order to enlarge the skirt design.

Your Halloween Grease party may begin 🙂




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