How To Make Pumpkin Window Decorations

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If you have children you surely want to make some Halloween crafts with them this holiday season. And you are right. Here you will find tutorials to make pumpkin window decorations out of paper plates and pumpkin lanterns out of lunch bags. Both DIY Halloween crafts are easy to make and will provide your windows with a very spooky effect.

How to make pumpkin window decoration out of paper plates


how to make pumpkin paper plate

How to make pumpkin paper plate – photo taken from video below

Paper plate masks can make wonderful homemade Halloween window decorations. Let’s take the example of a pumpkin paper plate window decoration. Once the pumpkin paper plate is finished, you can hang it on the window frame. Spooky effect guaranteed!

  1. Paint an orange pumpkin on both faces of a paper plate
  2. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth with a black pencil
  3. Cut them out
  4. Decorate the pumpkin in the way you want
  5. Punch a hole on top of the pumpkin face
  6. Use transparent nylon thread that you will pin it to the window frame.

Watch this Halloween craft live

How to make pumpkin window lanterns

lighted pumpkin

Lantern make fantastic window decorations in that they provide the window with a weird appearance during the Halloween season. However the use of candles might be risky. However there are ways to circumvent these dangers and safely lit the windows. Here is a tutorial for you to make pumpkin window lanterns.

  1. Take a lunch bag and draw a pumpkin face on both sides of the bag
  2. Draw the eyes, the nose and the mouth of your pumpkin – you can make a scary face on one side of the bag and a funny face on the other side
  3. Use a cutter knife to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth
  4. Paint the pumpkin orange, decorate it and pain the rest of the bag black
  5. Fill the bag with sand and place a tea light in a glass container to the center of the sand
  6. Light the candle and place your cute Halloween lantern on the window support.

Make a variant of these window lanterns using glass jars


Materials to make pumpkin window decorations

What you should have on hand for your homemade decorations

Before starting to create your Halloween window decorations, you should have these items on hand so that you don’t find yourself stopped in your creative endeavours. Most are available at your local supermarket or craft store.

  • 1 roll of tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • A black pen/marker
  • Transparent nylon thread (to hang your decorations)
  • A glue gun or pot of craft glue
  • Cutter Knife
  • Coloured acrylic paint pots, brushes
  • Colorful construction paper
  • Orange paper plates
  • Paper lunch bags


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