How To Make Mummy Ball Favors

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12 Clear Plastic Ball Fillable Ornament Favor 4" 100mm

12 Clear Plastic Ball Fillable Ornament Favor 4″ 100mm

Are you looking for cool Halloween party favors or just gifts to get trick or treaters when they come knock at your door on All Hollow’s Eve? Then you have to know that the only really cool, original, unique items that you search are those that you make yourself.

Homemade Halloween crafts are fun to make, especially on rainy days, when going out is a big no-no. An unique craft idea is to make mummy ball favors to give trick or treaters or your Halloween guests as party favors. These crafts are a sure way to impress their recipients!

Materials You Need to Make Mummy Ball Favors

For you to make mummy ball favors, you are going to need some materials. Here’s the list:

Instructions to make mummy ball favors:

  1. Cut 1/2″ bands out of white crepe paper,
  2. Place one or two favors into the fillable ornament ball,
  3. Close the ball,
  4. Spray craft glue all around the ball,
  5. Roll the white crepe paper bands around the ball to make it look like mummies,
  6. Secure the mummy bandage by gluing the end of each band,
  7. Glue or paste googly eyes so as to provide your mummy favor with eyes,
  8. Put the finishing touches by adding a small net ribbon for hanging purpose.

Depending on the weight of these Halloween mummy ball ornaments, you can hang them on black paint sprayed dead banches arranged in a big vase. This will provide you with a decorated Halloween tree out of which your party guests will take their favors before leaving your home.

If you selected too heavy goodies, then present the mummy balls in a Halloween-ish plate placed in the entrance. This makes a great party decoration for the occasion.

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