Disney Frozen Party Supplies

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Host a Disney Frozen party for kids

Disney Frozen Elsa And Anna StandeeCheck Price at BirthdayExpressKids and adults enjoyed the animated movie Frozen that was released on Thanksgiving 2013. Since then it inspired millions the masquerade market with costumes, accessories, decorations and more. Your child might already have asked for throwing such a party at home. And you are looking for the Disney Frozen party supplies and decorations that will perfect the rendition of the movie scenario and atmosphere. Here are some tips and tricks to help you host the best Snow Queen party ever for your little one.

Frozen party standees

When searching for the best Disney Frozen party supplies for your kid’s party, you should not overlook standups. They are a great way to set the tone to your child’s party right from the entrance. For example if you place a Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna standup near the the party room entrance, they will act as a welcome sign.

Kids will also love getting their pictures taken along with the two heroins of their favorite movie. The standees are made out of cardboard and feature a clear image of each figure. They measure around 6′ height and can be reused as bedroom decor afterwards. Kristoff the ice man and Olaf the snowman are also available as standups.

Frozen party balloon decorations

Balloons are basic party decorating items: one generally finds them on the house door as well as indoors. Disney Frozen themed balloons are available in plenty of different shapes, styles and colors. You will want to choose some balloons that represent Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna. For a funner accent you will want to get Olaf the Snowman shaped balloon.

If you do not want to spend too much on themed balloons, you can go with these two and then add a bunch of standard balloons in a gradient of blue along with white ones.

Homemade VS pre-made favor bags

One of the Disney Frozen party supplies you cannot do without are the little gifts the guests expect after the event. Frozen party favor bags can be made at home using paper bags that you can decorate or have the kids decorate themselves. You can also purchase themed Frozen party favor bags and fill them with Frozen stickers with an image of each of the characters from the movie.

Mini silver stars made out or plastic or paper will add to the chilly tone of the theme. You can also choose some cute necklaces that are themed for the event. There are different options however, my favorite are the guest of honor pendants (that you can find at Birthday Express) and pendants that represent the movie figures.

Some stores also sell bundle favors packs that you can use to fill each bag individually. This is a great time saver.

Disney Frozen party supplies pack

Disney Frozen Party Square Dinner PlatesCheck Price at BirthdayExpressYou can avoid a great part of the work by getting a pre-made Frozen party pack that comes with lots of elements you need for the party to be a hit. This officially licensed Disney pack for 8 people includes:

  • 2 x 8 plates (dinner & dessert)
  • 8 paper cups
  • 1 cutlery set including 8 forks and 8 spoons
  • 16 paper napkins
  • 1 cover for your party table
  • A themed foil balloon
  • A centerpiece
  • 3 x 6 balloons (3 different colors) that are made out of latex
  • 16 candles for a birthday cake
  • 8 party hats
  • 2 x 8 cards (invites and thank you)
  • 8 party favor boxes filled with themed favors
  • 1 banner that can be personalized

Themed Plastic TablecoverCheck Price at BirthdayExpressParty Favor BoxesCheck Price at BirthdayExpressSquare Dessert PlatesCheck Price at BirthdayExpressMatching Foil BalloonCheck Price at BirthdayExpressFrozen Invitation CardsCheck Price at BirthdayExpressThemed BlowoutsCheck Price at BirthdayExpress

Artificial snow creates a realistic atmosphere

Now you know that Frozen is an adventure that occurs in as area where snow and ice are the most important elements. So you will need to provide the party room with a Frozen atmosphere. There are different manner to get the needed result: big ways or short ways.

A first option is to get a snow making machine. If you opt for this alternative, then I highly recommend using the back yard for the party. But the result is guaranteed: little ones will love watching at the snow falling in the garden.

Another option is buying artificial snow. Here again I suggest to opt for an outdoor party but this can be used indoors as well. Articifial snow comes in packs of different sizes and weight. Just make sure to get a sufficient amount of artificial snow.

Shortcut to a Frozen party theme is the use of white Christmas light strings that you hang on the walls. Tiny white bulbs will look like a myriad fo snowflakes falling from the walls. Frozen themed snow globes can work wonders if you use them as table decorations along with artificial snowflakes. At the end of the fun day they will also make party favors that your kid’s friends will love and cherish for long.

Tasty and themed cake or cupcakes

Disney Frozen Party Cake TopperCheck Price at BirthdayExpressYour party guests will surely be hungry and you will want to serve themed Frozen cake or cupcakes at the party. A Frozen cake can be easily made: bake a sponge cake and decorate it with blue frosting or an edible Frozen themed sheet of frosting that you can buy from the store. Complete the decor with some figures inspired from the movie.

You can naturally order a pre-baked cake from the store and ask for personalization.

Cupcakes can be presented in themed liners and decorated using ice-blue frosting or icing on which you’ll place a themed pick or edible image.

Some suppliers even offer to personalise the topping by adding a person’s name.

Cake accessories include party figurines and cupcake toppers, which children can add to the party favor bags, once they have enjoyed the cake.

How to make a Frozen Elsa Cake

Obviously you can choose to make a more intricate cake, such as a princess doll shaped cake. This requires more materials and skills as you are going to have to play with fondant to create the dress, the stars, the veil and some other accessories. But little princesses do love such superb cakes. And here is a tutorial for you to cook, shape and decorate a splendid Frozen Elsa cake. Mmmm… chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, sugar draping, all in a marvelous shiny Elsa dress. The lady also offers a tutorial for you to make an Olaf the Snowman cake if you want an additional character for the kids to eat or hold a party for a boy.

How to make Frozen Snowflakes Jelly

Aww! This one is a pure gem ! It fits so well with your Snow Queen party that I coudn’t do without sharing it. This treat is perfect for little ones and will stand out on your Frozen party decor. Kids will love these jellies. They are so easy to do that even me can prepare such tasty Frozen jellies. With some little twist at the moment you prepare the jelly, you can turn them into Frozen snowflake jellies for adults in the event you plan to hold a Frozen party for adults 🙂

I hope that you have found soome good ideas for your next Frozen party bash. Have fun!

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