Halloween Party Special Effects

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Setting up the mood using Halloween party special effects composed of sounds, clips and videos is part of the fun you create when you host a Halloween party. Special sounds and effects are fun party add-ons, just like becoming that character you always dreamed of, whether a skeleton, a mummy, or even a medieval princess or a more modern super hero.

Halloween is the time of the year when people take pleasure in scaring each other, preparing horrible food, decorating the home with scary ornaments and trick or treating to get some candies. If you wish to host the best Halloween party ever, Halloween sound effects are an indispensable element of your party. So, if you wish to celebrate this Halloween with a blast, add a dreadful atmosphere to your party with Halloween sounds and Halloween video clips. Here’s how to proceed.

Halloween Sounds and Special Effects

Sound effects help creating the Halloween-is ambiance

Halloween sounds are a big part of the holiday fun, and you should not overlook the sense of hearing when decorating for your party or rigging up the scariest house in the neighborhood for the trick-or-treaters.

Halloween sound effects should include sounds of things that go bump in the night, screams of helpless victims, songs of monsters, flying bat wings, and spooky howls. Such scary sounds can add the right frightening touch to any scene – whether it is your charity’s haunted house fundraiser or your own front yard that awaits the pounding feet of little tykes dressed up in all their finery.

There are a few different ways you can accumulate some creepy and fun Halloween sounds to your life this holiday.

Get Halloween Sounds from your Local Store

Standard Halloween sound effect CDs

A first option for having Halloween party special effects ready on time for your scary party, is to head to your local supermarket, Halloween costume store or party supplier and get some pre-recorded CD which include the most popular Halloween songs, DVDs of the best Halloween clips and/or Halloween movies or CDs including the most frightening Halloween sound effects ever.

While these pre-recorded Halloween sounds supports are available for a very affordable price, they may include Halloween songs, clips or sounds that you don’t like or don’t want to be seen by some guests. This might imply that you’ll have to sort all tracks out and create new playlists on your computer. Therefore, it’s up to you to make decision on what you plan to do with those materials.

Turn on those nightmare-ish sounds and let the fun party begin!

Halloween Sound EffectsHalloween Sound Effects

The Halloween sound effect CD comes with 60 different creepy, scary, frightening, disgusting sounds.

This is a sure way for you to create your scary sound effect playlist.

Make sure to turn it on as soon as your first guests appear on your front door.

Vocal Halloween Sounds

Use your own voice to create Halloween-ish sound effects

A second option for getting Halloween party special effects, sounds as well as clips would be to record your own voice and sounds; which would add a very personal touch to the ambiance.

In order to create a CD including your own Halloween special effects, you just need a recorder that you probably already have in your computer. If your computer doesn’t come with a voice recorder, then, I suggest to get one from the store.

Once you have your recording material ready, gather the family and ask them to talk, sing, scream, in order to create your Halloween sounds. Although it might take some time to find the right scary and creepy sounds, this excellent family activity will allow you to create your very own and personal collection of Halloween-ish sounds.

With such an option, you won’t just have to scream or make loud, as you can also use a music background, tell some Halloween stories and having your family members participate to the elaboration of your very special treat. On All Hollow’s Eve, just let the CD play for the greatest pleasure of your guests.

Record your Own Halloween Sounds

Use your voice to create spooky, creepy, scary sound effects on Halloween

With this portable stereo recorder, you can even record sounds that you can hear outside.

Gone for a walk in the woods? Then take your recorder and record as many sounds as you can.

Wherever you go, make sure to have your recorder on hand.

A few weeks before the get together, make sure to create the Halloween party special effects using the sounds recorded.

Gather Halloween Party Special Effects from the Internet

Homemade Halloween sound effects and music playlist

A third option to get Halloween party special effects, music and videos would be using your high tech computer and create a few Halloween sound effect playlists right from the comfort of your home. In order to do this, you’ll just have to browse the Internet.

Running a search on one of the major search engines will allow you to find hundreds of different websites that provide people with free videos and Halloween sounds that you can download and burn onto a CD or a DVD. Most of these websites, which offer legal Halloween sound effects, music and video download require a very small enter fee and you can get as many files as you want.

Depending on your hi-fi materials, you can choose to play your music CD or if you have a big plasma or LCD television at home you can play some Halloween video clips. Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller”, Marilyn Manson’s “This is Halloween” and Cradle of Filth’s “Ghost in the Fog” can make excellent creepy Halloween video clips to play at your Halloween party.

Burn your New Halloween Sound Effects on CDs Right from your Computer

Use Amazon options to legally download those special sounds and effects

Verbatim 94554 700 MB 52x 80 Minute Branded Recordable Disc CD-R, 100-Disc SpindleVerbatim 94554 700 MB 52x 80 Minute Branded Recordable Disc CD-R, 100-Disc Spindle

Amazon offers many options for you to legally download sounds right from the Internet.

Take advantage of such programs – make sure you have a bunch of recordable CDs on hand as you’ll need them to save those downloads and have them play on your Halloween party.


 Halloween Video Clips Add More Fright to the Party

Thriller Makes a Perfect Halloween Video Clip

Created in 1982 by the king of pop, Michael Jackson and co-produced by Mr Quincy Jones, Thriller is an album which is paranoia and supernatural oriented. This makes it an excellent Halloween music background for your next frightening party.

Marilyn Manson – This is Halloween

Nightmare before Christmas soundrack

Created by Danny Elfman in 1993 for the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, the song “This is Halloween” was also sung by Marily Manson who would give this song a darker aspect and will therefore be an excellent music background for both kids and adult Halloween parties.

Evanescence – Going Under Clip

“Going Under” is part of the album “Fallen”, created by the metal band Evanescence. This album, whether on CDs or even video clips will surely work wonders during your Halloween party.

Notre Dame – Scare Crows Video Clip

From the black metal Swedish band Notre Dame, Scare Crows has everything a Halloween night would involve. Cream of the crop, the band seems having played with words scarecrow and scaring crows; which adds to the dark ambiance of their music.

Cradle of Filth – Her Ghost in the Fog

Created by the British metal band Cradle of Filth, a band that claims their relationship with Norvegian metal (which would guarantee the high quality of their music) “Her Ghost in the Fog” video clip provides you with the most popular and general public atmosphere.

Make Halloween Sound Effects and Video Clips Match your Party Theme

Dreadful music for a dreadful party theme

As you can see, there are many possibilities to plan a really spooky Halloween get together with some carefully selected Halloween party special effects, songs, movies and video clips.

I would just suggest to not play Marilyn Manson clips if you host a Grease Halloween party as it might hurt and shock your guests. Instead, Halloween sound effects would perfectly fit with any Scooby Doo or Addams Family Halloween party.

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