Halloween Pictures – Decorating Idea for Small Spaces

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Halloween pictures and posters are great means of decorating a small space. All Hollow’s Eve is one of the funnest events of the year and a great motive to decorate the home in a scary way. However, while some live in wide houses and apartments and have the possibility to over decorate, other live in so small spaces that it’s almost impossible to add any kind of decoration.

For example students who live in small rooms, big city inhabitants who rent small spaces for huge prices don’t have the chance to add a gigantic mummy or zombie in the entrance. These people can’t add a dead tree from which a scary witch is hanged from… That is where Halloween pictures and posters come in handy.

Halloween pictures and posters are the easy way to theme your one-room or small space for the event. They’re easy to place on the walls and easy to remove after the holiday. You can even replace them with the following holiday theme. For example, if you create a scary Halloween theme from October 1st to October 31st, on November 1st, you can replace all Halloween pictures and posters with Thanksgiving themed images. On December 1st, replace the latter with Christmas posters. In the long periods of time between two holidays, replace all posters with your usual ones.

Pictures and posters make it so easy so theme a room that it would be a big mistake to not take advantage of them for any event of the year. Red, white and blue themed posters ca quickly turn your small space into a patriotic decor for the 4th of July. This time it works the same way: orange and black posters and images can provide your small space with a Halloween-ish look.

Moreover, when it comes to holidays like Halloween you are provided with a wide range of themes on which to base your decor:

  • Orange and black painting reproductions
  • Horror movie posters
  • Pumpkin and Halloween symbols
  • Zombie graphics
  • Ghost images
  • Haunted house posters
  • And so on

As you can see there is always a way to turn your one-room apartment or small space into something very joyful or scary using Halloween posters and images only.

Some Great Halloween Pictures to Consider

Pin these Holloween-ish posters on your walls for a scary atmosphere


Branches Surrounding Harvest Moon
Branches Surrounding Harvest Moon – Robert Llewellyn

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Since Halloween falls during the Autumn, trees lost their leaves and most of the time, you’ll see such a decor at dusk. Naked branches are also a great way to decorate for Halloween without having to add bloody images – especially for sensitive people. So if you like nature and/or scary atmospheres then I suggest to gather a few Halloween pictures involving the Moon, branches, and the like. You’ll easily set up the holiday mood to your one-room apartment.

Halloween picture Halloween movie, 1978
Halloween, 1978 – Buy This at Allposters.com

Halloween, the movie ! Booooh! Now that is a dreadful movie poster that’s going to provide any room with a frightening ambiance! If you’re fan of horror movies and don’t mind having such pictures on your wall all year long then you should start your shopping, find some of the most dreadful Halloween movies ever and pin their related posters to the walls. This is very easy way to set up the holiday mood to your small space.


Jack O' Lanterns Lit Up at Night, Kirkland, Washington State, USA
Panoramic Images:

Jack O’ Lanterns Lit Up at Night, Kirkland, Washington State, USA

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Pumpkins and, more particularly, carved pumpkins are among the most popular Halloween symbols. That is why this Halloween picture featuring lit Jack O’Lanterns is going to provide the room with a very Halloween-ish look. Just add a few other posters featuring witches, ghosts, cats, spiders and skeletons. The decor might not be absolutely scary, it is certainly going to be a All Hollow’s Eve one!

Back from the Dead
Back from the Dead

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Ah zombies are also trendy when it comes to Halloween, whether for decorating purpose or costumes. So if you’re into the zombie category then you’re goint to love decorating your one-room apartment using zombie posters. They come in different styles, of course, from a pin up girl whose face is the one of a skeleton to zombie girl and boy, you’re going to find the one that you’ll want to pin to your wall.


Dracula Castle at Night, Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania
Dracula Castle at Night, Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania

Russell Young

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Dracula is among the most popular vampires in the world. And castles are also a great way to display a Halloween decor using only pictures and posters. The one featured here is a castle from Romania but there are many European countries that provide you with stunning pictures of Medieval castles. Most of them are lit at night and come with a very scary appearance.

Dan Dipaolo

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Witches are another symbol that can turn your small space into a Halloween gallery! The one featured above works pretty well in an orange and black themed decor. Add some witche’s familiars and pumpkins and you quickly turn your room into a daily Halloween celebration.

Halloween picture, Witch in Front of Moon
Halloween, Witch in Front of Moon

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If you’re more interested in Vintage or Victorian decorations, then I suggest to look into old fashioned reproductions of Halloween greeting cards. They work pretty well in a girly decor and provide the room with a touch of style. Many also include sayings, which add to the festive mood. These Halloween posters come in many different dominant colors that can match almost all room decor.

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