How to Plan a Halloween Party

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So you want to plan a Halloween party but need some help in doing so. You have come to the right place. As you know, Halloween is among the most popular holidays of the year. In addition to think to our loved ones who left this world for a supposed better one, Halloween is also a way to have fun in a sometimes scary but always funny way.

So that you make sure to make the most of your Halloween holiday, you should plan a Halloween party. Although it migth sound hard to set up such a party, if you familiarize yourself with the tasks you’ll have to do in planning a Halloween party, you’re going to make that it is, in reality, super easy to set up for the best pleasure of your guests as well as your own pleasure.

Organizing a Halloween party

As stated above, planning a Halloween party is easy as a pie if you know how to do it. So, if you want to make your next fun party a successful one, just follow the guide below. I’ve tried to make things as easiest as possible just for you.

Make a Halloween Party List

First thing to do when you plan a Halloween party is to make a list with the tasks you have to accomplish and which you’ll check each time you finished one.

A basic planning list should include the following elements:

  • Making a guest list
  • Planning a  theme
  • Planning the type of party you’re going to host: sit down dinner or buffet
  • Make decision on whether you get the food or ask your hosts to bring a dish and beverage
  • Getting themed invitation cards
  • Getting themed party supplies
  • Making decision on the rooms that will be used for the party (dining room for the meal, living room to host the bar, family room to dance, etc.)
  • Getting additional associated decorating items whenever needed

Next thing to do, is also a list… your party guest list to which you’ll add the name of all the people you plan to invite. This list will be extremely useful as it will be used in many ways: know the number of guests you’ll entertain, know the kind of themes they best like so that you can set up your theme, the amound of food to prepare or the number of dishes your guests are supposed to bring if you plan a potluck party, etc.

Send your Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween Party Invitation invitationHalloween party invitation card featured to the left: Halloween Party Invitation by TheHalloweenSpot

Now that you made your guest list, you can send the Halloween party invitations. There are two options for sending Halloween party invites: paper cards or online invitation cards.

Depending on the preference of those you invite, you’re going to send paper invitation cards while for some others, you can send an invite by mail or through an online Halloween invitation card site.

Where to find Halloween party invitation cards? Apart from the Halloween party invitation cards that you can get included in your party supplies, there are many ways to find Halloween party invites. Here are a few ones:

Traditional Halloween Invitation Cards

Virtual Halloween Invitation Cards

Sendomatic – Create and Manage Events Online on Any Budget! Evite – Invitations, Free eCards and Party Planning Ideas

Just make sure the Halloween party invites you send do have the same theme as your party.

When you send your party invitations, let your future guests know the theme you have set up or ask them the type of theme they’d like you to plan (naturally the second option will require a second mailing).

Always add an RSVP to your invitation cards so that you make sure to know the exact number of guests you’re going to entertain and/or who are going to bring a dish and a beverage whenever you host a potluck Halloween party.

Set Up your Halloween Party Theme

Why is a Halloween party among the simples types of parties to organize? Simply because your guests wear costumes and that costumes provide the entertainment above all. So, whether you host a Halloween party for kids, a Halloween party for adults, or a halloween party for both children and grownups, set up a theme. Besides the costume itself and the entertainment which results from this, you can also hold a costume contest where all contestants will get a nice small gift or Hallowee party favors.

In addition to the costume theme and the costume contest, plan a few games and/or activities such as printable games to play all together, stories to tell, etc.

Music is also big part of any successful Halloween party. So, create a playlist which includes both music related to the theme of the party, so that people can dance to its sound as well as some Halloween sound and special effects.

Get Themed Halloween Party Supplies

Sock Hop Deluxe Party KitOne of the most important steps in the preparation of a successful Halloween party are the party supplies you have to get.

Obviously, you can use your existing dinner set as well as glass sets for the party; however, this implies that you’ll have a lot of work the very next day, with the dish washing.

In order to ease your job; get a paper plate and cup party set. Halloween party sets aren’t just great time saver on housework, they also provide a fantastic way to decorate the room and stick to the party theme all at once.

Let’s take the example of a fifties or Grease Halloween party. In order to stick to the theme of the party, get a Sock Hop Deluxe Party Kit and a few fifties themed decorating items to which you can also add Halloween decorations since you host the party on Halloween night.

The Sock Hop party set is made for 8 persons and includes paper dinner and dessert plates, paper cups, sock hop themed napkins, red cutlery set for 8 persons (forks, spoons and knives), a centerpiece which has the shape of a jukebox, a rock’n roll themed bowl and a platter. Lunch napkins are, of course, assorted to the Fifties theme and the set comes with a musical note tablecover and pack confetti, 3 colours crepe streamers as well as 3 colours curling ribbon. Did I mention the 18 balloons?

There is a wide range of themes and prices to choose from when it comes to Halloween party supplies. Any good retailer store will provide you with the theme you’re looking for but if you’re short on time, you’d rather buy them online. Many online Halloween shops allow you to get party supplies for bargain prices.

Halloween Party Decorations

Rock 'N Roll Record Swirls (5 count)

After making or sending your invitations, it is now time to think of the decorations that you will use. Since it is a Halloween party, the usual decorations should be present such as the Jack-o-lantern, skeletons, monsters, witches, and other popular Halloween characters. However, since we took the example of a fifties or Grease Halloween party, you can add your own decoration theme in at least one room; the bar for example; which will be the best room to stick to a rock’n roll theme. These decorations can include plastic records, , rock’n roll record swirls, and even a jukebox pinata so that the kids can take part to the party.

Such ready-made themed party decorations will help you save time on the making of some party decorating items if you thought of making some at home.

Where to Find Themed Halloween Party Supplies and Decorations

Halloween Party Food

Last but not the least taks is to think about what you’re going to serve as food.

Many of us enjoy to prepare ghoulish Halloween food such as a plate filled with ants on a log, Halloween brain cell Delight, Halloween mummy dog, and even Halloween cupcakes!

The Halloween menu you’re going to elaborate, depends on the decision you made as to whether to be the only food provider or to host a potluck Halloween party to which your guests bring food and beverage. Whenever you provide the food, try to mix light and heavier meals so that you can satisfy all your guests. You’ll find some Halloween ghoulish food ideas in the recipe section.

In order to celebrate this Halloween party with a blast, ensure that all the food you provide (from appetizers to dessert) is Halloween themed. And when it comes to Halloween ghoulish food, possibilities are endlesss!

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