How To Make Peacock Costumes for Adults

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Peacock Costume Accessory KitPeacock Costume Accessory KitHomemade Peacock costumes for women

Peacock costumes for adults are gorgeous and will make you stand out from the crowd. One ?f th? most important elements ?f ? Halloween party ?? th? Halloween costume th?t ??u w?ll choose t? wear. Alth?ugh Halloween outfits are ?ll ?b?ut projecting ? spooky factor, more ?nd more costumes ?r? becoming creative ?nd eye catching. Th?r? ?r? many styles ?nd designs ?f Halloween costumes ?nd peacock costumes for adults are one ?f th? most popular ?n??. If ??u want t? make ?n impact th?? Halloween, th?n choose ? beautiful peacock inspired costume.

Here you’re going to get a tutorial to make peacock costumes for women as well as for men. As a matter of fact while you can easily find such fancy dresses for women it is almost impossible to find matching ones for men. But you’ll find instructions to create a men’s party attire to match the one of your wife.

Peacock costumes for adults

Many stores have different styles ?nd design ?f th?? type ?f costumes ?nd ??m? stores even stock peacock costumes for adults. Y?u ??n choose fr?m ? jumpsuit ?r playsuit like sleek clothes wh??h ?r? made ?n ? satin material w?th ? peacock like fabric pattern. Th??? patterns ?n th? fabric w?th beautiful sea green ?nd electric blue colors look very life-like.

Women ??n even don ? sequined corset ?nd skirt ?nd attach ? beautifully crafted blue and turquoise tail ?t th? b??k. F?r more th?r?ugh people, wearing ? crown ?r tiara made ?f the bird’s feathers along w?th ? mask made ?f th? same w?ll ?l?? look qu?t? ravishing. Th?r? ?r? many designs ?n peacock costumes for adults fr?m th? restrained t? th? flamboyant th?t ??u ??n choose.

How to make peacock costumes for women



  1. T? make your peacock Halloween costume, you’re going to start cutting th? stiff fabric into ? fan like silhouette.
  2. Then you will attach th? flexible wires ?n t? th? fabric t? give ?t more stiffness.
  3. Next step is gluing the peacock feathers on the fabric and over the wire.
  4. Make sure th?t ??u attach th? peacock feathers ?n ?u?h away th?t th? fabric underneath ??nn?t b? seen.
  5. Attach ? long cord ?n b?th sides ?f th? peacock fan.

Y?u ??n th?n wear th? blue sequined mini skirt w?th th? blue top ?nd tie th? peacock fan t? ??ur waist. Th?? peacock fan w?ll act like ? peacock tail ?nd w?ll give ??u ? very dramatic look. Wear vampire contacts ?nd apply blue eye liner ?nd eye shadow t? complete th? look.

Peacock costume accessories

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Tutorial to make peacock costumes for men


  • Peacock feathers
  • Fabric glue
  • A long sleeved blue T-shirt
  • A navy blue pants


Peacock costumes for men are the best and easiest Halloween fancy dresses to make at home.

  1. Start by attaching the peacock feathers to the trousers and t-shirt.
  2. Glue individual peacock feathers t? th? base ?f ??ur pants ?nd th? sleeves ?f ??ur T-shirt.
  3. B? careful wh?l? doing th?? ?nd make sure th?t th? peacock feathers do n?t overlap.

To perfect the costume you can wear ? Halloween mask made ?ut ?f peacock feathers. This will perfectly complete th? look.

Naturally you can choose to either buy peacock costumes for adults or rent them. But the funniest way to get such a party outfit is by making it yourself. By following the above directions you are going to slip into something more exotic and colorful than the same old ghouls.


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