Halloween Duct Tape Craft Ideas

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If you have not gotten into the duct tape crafting craze yet, Halloween just might be a great place to start. Today, I would like to offer some options that are pretty easy for Halloween duct tape craft ideas. What kind of things can you make with duct tape? Oh my goodness just about anything that you can imagine! Decorate your pumpkins with it, make bags for trick or treating with it, a wreath for your door and so much more!

Is It Duct Tape Or Duck Tape?

Let’s answer that question first before we begin with our Halloween duct tape craft ideas. The correct term for the tape itself is duct because originally it was meant to use on heating and cooling channels or tubes to seal up joints and the like. Those channels are called ducts. We often see the term “duck” tape used and that isn’t exactly wrong if you are referring to the brand of duct tape that is named Duck Tape. There are many companies who make duct tape with the Duck brand being one of them. So, there you go…now you know the difference if it ever comes up in conversation.

Halloween Duct Tape Craft Ideas: Pumpkins

If you are like me, you absolutely hate the task of carving a pumpkin up to make a jack-o-lantern! What a messy unpleasant job! Well, you do not have to carve them anymore. Some people get really creative using paint instead of a carving knife but did you know that you can also use good old duct tape? Yep, and that is way easier than carving or painting!

Here is a video that shows you an easy peasy way to do one:

Another cute idea is to paint the pumpkin a solid color like white and then cut large (or small) dots and tape those on the pumpkin for a polka-dot pumpkin. There are just no limits to what you can do with a pumpkin and some different colors of duct tape.

Make A Wreath From Halloween Duct Tape Craft Ideas

skulls halloween duct tapeThere are several ways to create a wreath for your door or window using duct tape. You can choose a few plain colors or you can choose something fun like the image at the left. There are several prints available with a Halloween or fall theme to choose from. One very simple method is to purchase a Styrofoam wreath in the size that you want and then wrap it with the duct tape. Embellish it with bows, ribbons or other items to make it really cute. Pretty easy, right?

I saw a very cute idea in a magazine devoted to Halloween decorating that suggested using those metal rings from canning jars. They covered the rings with some cute Halloween themed duct tape and then used wire to form a ring with the finished rings. It was very cute and looked pretty easy to accomplish, too.

Other Halloween Duct Tape Craft Ideas

Take a canvas bag that you can get at just about any craft store and decorate it with duct tape for a fun bag (and sturdy too) for the kids to go trick or treating with. It is easy and the fun thing is when trick or treating is finished, you can always remove the tape and use the bag for something else.

For some easy art for the house. Create a picture using duct tape, some poster board and frame it in a cheap frame. You can use stencils to cut out your picture and voila you have some Halloween art for your home. When Halloween is over, store them away for next year.

For additional ideas for Halloween Duct tape craft ideas you might enjoy this book: Stick or Treat: 25 Halloween Duct Tape Designs for Kids & Adults Just let your imagination run wild and create some fun and unique decorations from these suggestions or come up with your own little touches using all sorts of mediums. Duct tape can be so much fun to craft with so I think you should give it a try.

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