DIY How To Make Fabric Pumpkins

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A fun way to decorate: fabric pumpkins

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, we have several options available depending on what theme we are going with. For a traditional and country style of decor we often choose pumpkins and other fruits or vegetables as a part of our overall decorating. Making some fabric pumpkins as a do it yourself (DIY) project is very easy and will give you items that can be used in the following years. The best part is that you do not even need a sewing machine to make these cute little gems! So, let’s get started and before you know it we will have a cute and unique option for our Halloween decor this year.

Supplies needed for our fabric pumpkins

  • Fabric (2 pieces for each pumpkin)
  • embroidery thread (coordinating color to your fabric)
  • yarn needle (a large eye is required)
  • sewing needle
  • fiber fill
  • yarn (color should coordinate or contrast with your fabric)
  • glue gun
  • felt

As you will see in the video, you can also use up some old fabric around the house by cutting up some old sleeves to shirts to blouses that can’t be worn any longer.

The best video I have found showing how to make fabric pumpkins

Allison shows us a very simple way to make some stuffed fabric pumpkins in a short period of time.

Now isn’t that just so easy? What I love is that we do not have to limit ourselves to the traditional orange colors for a pumpkin. Her ideas for using polka dots or any fabric we have laying around is so much fun! This idea also gives us the freedom to use fabrics that coordinate with our decor instead of oranges, browns and dark reds that may look really out of place in our rooms.

One suggestion that I will make that is slightly different than Allison’s video is that I will use the back stitch to sew my pieces of fabric together and not the running stitch. That is my preference and I will explain why. With the running stitch there is a tendency to have some gaps between stitches. If we are not careful those gaps could be large enough that part of our stuffing my begin to come through and we don’t want that! The back stitch is more like what a sewing machine will give us and is a much more secure way of sewing the pieces together. If you are not sure how to do the back stitch here is a video that will help you.

See, it is really easy to do and will give you a better long lasting result, in my humble opinion.

If you do not have access to a glue gun, I wouldn’t give up on this project of fabric pumpkins. The glue gun makes it faster but you can also use just regular craft glue for making the felt tips of the pumpkins. You will need to hold the rolled felt in place or gently clamp it with something until it drys but you will get the same effect.

What I like about these fabric pumpkins is that we can make them look very country or with different choices in fabrics we can steer away from the country look and get into a more contemporary style of decorating.

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