The Versatile Dept56 Halloween Pumpkin House

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Are you searching for a new building to add to your Halloween village display? Then the Dept56 Halloween Pumpkin House is the one you’re looking for. Not only that but it makes also a fantastic decorating item that you can place anywhere in the house so as to set the holiday mood.

The Dept56 Halloween Pumpkin House is a versatile ornament

dept56 halloween pumpkin houseaDepartment 56 Snow Village Halloween Lit, The Pumpkin House, 6.69-Inch


The Trick-Or-Treat-Lane series was conceived for those who like to overdecorate on Halloween. It’s some kind of a “family friendly” series of Halloween collectibles. These ornaments are designed with children, masquerade parades and trick-or-treating fun in mind.

The pumpkin house is adorable and comes with so many realistic details:

  • Lots of pumpkins surround the house,
  • A dead tree adorned with orange lights,
  • A bench on one side,
  • A chimney on the other side,
  • A tiled looking roof on which you can see fallen colorful leaves,
  • A pumpkin patch sign.

The little plus of this exquisite Pumpkin House is that it is versatile. Actually, when Halloween is over, you can still use it as an ornament for your holiday decor. All you will have to do is switch a few elements to turn it into a Fall and Thanksgiving decoration.

The Department 56 Pumpkin House in a Halloween setting

The Dept56 Halloween Pumpkin House collectible in a Halloween setting will include a string of Jack-O-lantern lights that you can place on the tree branches, pumpkin luminaries that you can arrange as a walkway, creepy cats on a fence, and kids dressed in creepy costumes.

The pumpkin house is suitable for Fall and Thanksgiving settings

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Lit, The Pumpkin House, 6.69-Inch


For the Trick-or-Treat-Lane ornament to look like a Fall item you are going to make a few changes to the Dept56 Halloween Pumpkin House. Replace the Halloween-ish walkway items with corn stalk lanterns, the pumpkin luminaries will be switched with “My Garden Luminaries” (from the “My Garden” series – general village accessories), remove all Halloween related accessories and place Fall themed accessories instead. Once you’re done, sprinkle some maple leaves on the decor.

Department 56 Corn Stalk Lanterns, Set of 2Department 56 Corn Stalk Lanterns, Set of 2Department 56 Decorative Accessories for Village Collections, My Garden Luminaries Lights, 1.77-InchDepartment 56 My Garden Luminaries Lights


Voila, you have a lovely collectible that you can use from Halloween althrough Thanksgiving.


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