5 Top Halloween Window Decoration Ideas

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Are you looking for Halloween window decoration ideas? You have come to the right place! Although there are many different ways to decorate the house for Halloween, I gathered the six best Halloween window decoration ideas out there.

With the fall themed and/or scary ornaments listed in this page, you’re going to make sure to catch the eyes of the people on the outside. Here are those 6 decoration ideas for windows.

Fall Themed Window Decorations

Real Dried Natural Acorns - Package of 75Not everyone likes plain Halloween-ish window decorations and you may be part of them. In this case, you might want to opt for a fall theme to decorate the windows on Halloween.

A fall theme will require a lot of dried flowers and leaves as well as pumpkins and other veggies such as squash, buttercups, etc. If you want to keep using them over and over again, I recommend purchasing false leaves and flowers. With the lightest of these elements, you can easily create a fall themed garland to hang on the window on Halloween.

Opting for a fall themed window decorations has the great advantage that you can keep your decor until the day after Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.

Halloween Window Spiders And Bats

Hanging Spiders Halloween Decoration - 2 strandsAlthough simple, spiders and bats are ever popular Halloween window decoration ideas.

Making spiders and bats to display on the window is quite easy: all you need is some cardboard or construction paper along with pipe cleaners. Then some transparent thread to hang them wherever you like.

While extremely easy to make, they definitely help you set up the Halloween-ish tone to your window decor and will attract the attention of anyone passing by your home.

If you don’t have time to make them at home, your local specialized store will provide you with a wide range of spider and bat options to choose from.

Halloween Window Spiderwebs

Spider Web Giant Special Effects White with (4) 2in. Spiders 2.1 oz/PkgNaturally, if you have spiders on the windows, you must have cobwebs!

Getting your hands on cobweb decorations for windows is really easy during Halloween season. Strech your cobweb across the surface of your window and add a few plastic spiders around it.

Instead, if you prefer homemade Halloween window cobweb decorations, you will need construction paper, a pencil and a cutter. Draw a spiderweb on the construction paper and cut out the excess paper out of the construction paper. Here you are.

Another great alternative would be using a piece of cotton that you have in the bathroom: tear the cottom up and add it to your windown scene.

Halloween Window Clings

In the list of eye-catching Halloween window decoration ideas is the Halloween window cling.

Halloween window clings come in many different designs: the mummy that’s escaping from your house, the skeleton that’s staring out of your window or the menacing shadow silhouettes.

Halloween window clings are a great way to decorate the house and catch the eyes of the passersby!

Halloween Curtains

Lighted Halloween Curtain pumpkins bats tombstones crosses Halloween decor

One of the trends when it comes to Halloween window decorations is the Halloween themed curtains.

There are many different types of Halloween themed curtains for windows available in online stores.

Naturally, you will want to choose a theme that matches your overall Halloween home decoration theme or make homemade Halloween curtains using black fabric on which you could paint Halloween scenes.

If you opt for ready-made Halloween themed curtains, keep in mind that they might be expensive. However you can also use them one year after another.

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