Fortune-Teller Party Supplies and Decorations

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Fortune-teller party supplies and decorations are not easy to find as they are quite unusual items. However if you plan on holding such an event this Halloween you will want to make the most of it and decorate it in the way it should be. I have already covered most of the steps to take in order to prepare your fortune teller party in another article. But here are my best ideas for fortune-teller party supplies and decorations you need for a like a life-like psychic reading fair.

Best fortune-teller party supplies and decorations

When it comes to decorate a room for fortune telling, most events do not particularly care about the decor. Each fortune-teller comes with her table and ustensils. This makes it hard for those who do not have such tools on hand to set up their party decor. Fortune-teller party decorations can be kept quite simple or can also be extremely intricate. The choice is yours.

Fortune-teller party backdrop colors

Black Stardust Patterned Corrugated PaperBlack Stardust Patterned Corrugated PaperBuy Now


The stardust theme works pretty well for a fortune-teller party. Choose the background color that best fits with your tastes or nees.

  • Black and gold
  • Dark purple and silver
  • Dark blue and silver

These are the main colors used by fortune-tellers in their cabinet. These dark colors provide an intimate atmosphere ideal for the cards and other tools of the trade to be put at work. You surely know that cards and other items that are used for psychic readings need peacefulness and silence. This is not the purpose of your party: use dark colors for a more dramatic effect.

If you have Indian or Arabic pieces of fabric, do not hesitate to use them as decorations, they will work very well for the occasion. A good start is a sign or a wall plaque placed on the porch that lets your party guests know that they are going to enter the world of psychics and clairvoyants. A touch of bright colors can lead to a medieval circus fortune-telling party which will impress your guests.

Fortune-teller party animated decorations

Animated Ultimate Evil Helga Halloween Fortune Teller, 5'6Animated Ultimate Evil Helga Halloween Fortune Teller, 5’6


Animatronics make great fortune-teller party supplies and decorations as well! For example the Fortune-telling witch will add a fantastic and very realistic touch to your party venue! It should be used only indoors and will certainly be the center of the attention at your party.

No doubt that everybody will want to see the the animatronic passing her hands over the crystal ball and look at her red eyes efore heading to the tables where your actual psychic readers are awaiting. It is a also a great way to allow them to dance and take part to the party while keeping the guests occupied with the animated party prop.

Fortune-telling tools of the trade

Amlong Crystal Purple Crystal Ball 60mm (2.3 in.) Including Golden Flower Stand and Gift PackageCrystal Purple Crystal Ball Golden Flower Stand


When looking for fortune-teller party supplies and decorations, the first thing that comes to mind are crystal balls. Crystal balls are also a great way to decorate the room. Place a crystal ball on each table or different ones on the buffet table and in the bar area. People will then be able to learn more about their future by themselves. Doing so will also help set up the mood to the party room.

Tarot card decks can also be turned into fortune teller party decorations. Buy a few cheap decks and spread the cards on the tables. Costume stores sell such party items for a good price. A good deck that you can order right now is the The English Magic Tarot, it is not expensive and can become a collectible after the party.

Palmistry Hand, Decorative Plate, Hand Painted, Black, Gold, Tarot, Palm Reading, Plate, Obscure, Fortune TellerPalmistry Hand, Decorative Plate, Hand Painted, Black, Gold, Tarot, Palm Reading, Plate, Obscure, Fortune Teller


Other fortune-teller party supplies and decorations include: pendulum, tarot mats to cover the tables, colorful runes sprinkled on tables and cabinets, artificial or natural gems, and more. Fortune-tellers love an environment that includes all tools and accessories that can relate to peacefulness, wellness, meditation – scents are also greatly appreciated but I do not recommend using them when hosting such a party.

Biedermann Rustic Glass Votive Holder, Gold, Set of 12Biedermann Rustic Glass Votive Holder, Gold, Set of 12


DIY candle holders for a fortune-telling party

There is no need to spend a fortune on fortune-teller party supplies and decorations, as you can also make your own decorations. One for example consists of candle holders. These are quick, easy to make and look fantastic on the table. To make fortune teller themed candle holders, you just need:

A few years ago, I created a nice looking fortune teller candle holder painted dark blue with gold moon quarters and a bunch of silver stars. When lit, the candle creates lovely shadows on the walls.

Fortune-teller party table luminaries

Star Luminary BagsStar Luminary BagsBuy Now


If you don’t want to create your own luminaries, then stores offer a wide range of fortune-teller party supplies and decorations that can do the job. The paper star luminaries work well, and do not require too much work crafting them and that will add a very nice touch to your decor. Place on tables and furniture all around the room: they will provide a nice atmosphere to your fortune-teller party decor.

More mystical party decorations

Lighted Black Luminescent ColumnLighted Black Luminescent ColumnBuy Now


Black, dark blue or dark purple luminescent columns can add to the magical atmosphere. Place one of such columns between your psychic readers tables, this will ensure privacy between the fortune teller and her client. Another use for these luminescent columns is place them on each part of the bar, this will add a mysterious tone to the space.

Mylar Star Balloons GoldMylar Star Balloons GoldBuy NowHollywood Swirls Mega Value PackHollywood Swirls Mega Value PackBuy Now


Gold, black, silver, blue, purple star shaped balloons will also add a nice touch to the theme. Star shaped ceiling danglers are another type of pretty simple and gorgeous fortune teller party decorations. They come in three colors: black, silver and gold.

Black and Gold Star Foil CurtainsBlack and Gold Star Foil CurtainsBuy Now


A star curtain can adorn the entrance of the party room. This will match the theme of the night and will also provide some more decorative effect. A gold or silver foil curtain will also do the job. Moon themed embellishments are also part of the decor. Skulls can also greatly enhance the party room – for example you could find skull shaped candles and have them lit all around the room.

Fortune-teller party dinnerware

It is really hard to find fortune teller party supplies in stores. But you can easily create your very own set by mixing and matching some items that you purchase separately. For example you can get a black, gold or silver dinnerware set made out of paper or plastic; a white with gold stars will also look gorgeous on your table. Match it with black napkins and paper cups and a gold cutlery set. Since you’re hosting a fortune-teller party you can even get some LED plastic glasses so as to add a magic touch to the party.

Black Paper Party PackBlack Paper Party PackBuy NowLED Plastic Wine GlassLED Plastic Wine GlassBuy NowMeri Meri Gold Stars Small Plates and Napkins (8 plates and 16 napkins)Meri Meri Gold Stars Small Plates and Napkins (8 plates and 16 napkins)Creative Converting Premium Plastic Glitz Gold Glitter Cutlery, 24 Utensils Per PackageCreative Converting Premium Plastic Glitz Gold Glitter Cutlery, 24 Utensils Per Package


I hope that these few ideas will help you set up your next fun party. Happy Halloween !

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