Dept56 Halloween Haunted Church Lit Collectible

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Enter the haunted church if you dare! The Dept56 Halloween Haunted Church Lit collectible is another fantastic production by the brand. This stunning haunted church is going to provide your Halloween village display an unique look and feel. It can be lit as many of such decorative items.

The Dept56 Halloween Haunted Church lit collectible

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween The Haunted Church Lit House, 9.06-InchDepartment 56 Snow Village Halloween The Haunted Church Lit House, 9.06-Inch


Beware! This church was invaded by spooky beings. Take care, dear visitor.

Everybody in the village attended the mass in this beautiful church but on Halloween night. Zombies, ghouls, ghosts, and other awful creatures invaded the place. Now, the Halloween village inhabitants don’t dare entering the building. Everything was destroyed on that nighmarish night. Now, ghouls guard the area and make sure that humans keep off from their haunted refuge.

This exquisite The Dept56 Haunted Church Lit collectible will add a realistic touch to your Halloween village. Indeed, there’s no Christian village without a church. Moreover, there is no haunted village without a haunted church. What are the features of this Department 56 collectible:

  • The church is a white stone building,
  • The roof has been destroyed,
  • Ghouls are sitting on each side of the roof,
  • Dead trees surround the building,
  • Windows are broken,
  • Although the door seems to be open, the building’s look and feel are quite ominous.

The The Dept56 Halloween Haunted Church Lit collectible is made and painted by hand. Materials used is ceramic. When lit, a eerie light glows from the opened roof. The Halloween village collectible can be lit at night and comes with cord and a replacement bulb. The big dimensions of 9.06? x 7.48? x 8.27? make it a very nice ornament that you can use in your home decor if you do not own a village display. Although the collectible does not make any sound it is something you will be glad to own.


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