The Eerie Dept56 Halloween Glares And Stares House

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The eerie Dept56 Halloween Glares And Stares House is the right creepy yet sweet ornament to add to a children friendly Halloween village display. The house is part of the “Trick-or-Treat Lane” series of lit buildings. It is perfect when used as a stand alone decoration or additional house in a diorama.

Boo – Dept56 Halloween Glares and Stares House is staring at you

Dept56 Halloween Glares And Stares HouseDepartment 56 Snow Village Halloween Glares and Stares House Lit House, 6.3-Inch


This exquisite creepy Dept56 Halloween Glares and Stare House comes with many features that will make you fall in love with it.

Here are they:

  • 26 multicolored eyeballs lit the building,
  • The house is provided with French windows on top of which a sign reads the strange say “We’re watching you“,
  • Two pairs of ominus eyes surround the sign,
  • There is a dead tree on one side of the mansion while the other side features a chimney made out of bricks.

As most collectibles from this extremely popular manufacturer, the Dept 56 Glares and Stares House is handcrafted and handpainted. It is made out of ceramic. However this buildilng doesn’t come with the general incredible or improbable style of Dept56 buildings. Actually, the Dept 56 Halloween Glares and Stares House’s design is similar to the average house of little trick or treaters. A warm and reassuring American styled home… This will add a touch of realism to your setting.

All eyeballs and eyes on the sign at the top of the French windows are lit. It comes with a good size of 6.3″ and looks nice when associated with the older Dept56 Halloween Eyeball Hedge collectible.

As you can see from the feedback posted by customers, it is recommended to place it in front of your display. Indeed, with its many eyeballs and its eerie look, this collectible is a sure conversation starter for your guests. So there’s no reason for you to hide it on the back of your Halloween village.


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