Chopping Brock Animated Halloween Prop

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Let Chopping Brock Scare Your Visitors To Bits

If part of the fun of Halloween for you is to create really scary and spooky decorations, then Chopping Brock the animated Halloween prop is something you should consider this year. He looks like a Zombie butcher, if you ask me. Maybe that was his career when he walked as a living human and now as a walking dead he just can’t put that cleaver down. I am not sure of his real story, I just know having him standing at the door or close to it will certainly frightened even the most seasoned of Halloween visitors.

Chopping Brock Life-Sized Animated PropTell me that you wouldn’t just about wet yourself if you met Chopping Brock at the door of a friend or neighbor! Go ahead, you can tell me you wouldn’t but I’m not sure I would believe you. This life size animated piece of horror is just really spooky. He stands about 6 feet tall and sways from left to right along with making an occasional chopping motion with that meat cleaver. Just look at the blood splattered all over him! He has been busy tonight.

One of our adult kids lives in a neighborhood that takes Halloween decorating to a new level each year. They are more serious about this fall holiday than they are about decorating for Christmas. We absolutely love going down and strolling the streets of the neighborhood to see the clever ideas people come up with. I just know that his year when we go down to Louisville, someone is going to have a Chopping Brock as a part of their outdoor decor. Even though I know about him, I still think I’ll jump when he starts moving and growling. I can hear the screams now, one of which will be mine.

Want to see Chopping Brock in motion?

Well, I’m no genie but I can grant you that wish. Here is a short video showing him at his best. Take a gander at how clever the decorations are behind him, too. The person who set up the set gets a hardy “5 bloddy thumbs up” from old Bev. Clever, very very clever!

Like I said in the beginning if you get your Halloween jollies by scaring folks, then something like good old Chopping Brock is just the ticket for some kind of horrific fun this year.

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