How To Make Spooky Popcorn Hands

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Hosting a Halloween party? Go make spooky popcorn hands to give your guests after the fun party they attended. These Halloween party favors are a fun and great way to have a little present to give attendees before they go back home after all the fun and entertainment.

Giving your guests Halloween party favors is a great way to keep ghouls and ghosts to haunt you afterwards. It is not too late to make them. In reality, they are extremely easy to create and even can bring the whole family lots of fun during the process. So go get some creativeness and let your imagination run wild.

How to Make Spooky Popcorn Hands


There’s no need to be a child to enjoy the activity of making Halloween crafts. And even more when we make spooky popcorn hands. The materials needed to make these Halloween party favors are:

You’ll want to use onl? food safe gloves (you can find such items ?t local restaurants ?r supermarkets).

If you have too many spooky popcorn hands to make and want to save time, you can buy themed Halloween plastic gloves and follow the instructions below.

Tutorial to create spooky popcorn hands

  1. Take th? glove ?nd put one candy corn ?n each finger (candy will feature a finger nail),
  2. Fill the glove’s fingers and 1/2 part of the handpalm w?th popcorn,
  3. Tie the glove with Halloween themed ribbon and tie it into a bow,
  4. If ??u want t? make ?t ? little more creative, make blood like marks w?th ? red sketch pen ?n th? outside ?f th? glove.
  5. Put th? Halloween ring (wh??h ??n b? ?n ?n? spooky shape, like ? spider ?r ? bat) ?n one ?f th? fingers ?f th? glove.

Here you are! Now ??u have spooky popcorn hands ready to be given to your party guests!

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