How To Make a Clock Costume for Kid

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how to make a clock costume for kid

Make a clock costume for your kid this Halloween. Cardboard costumes make fantastic last minute trick or treat outfits!

The big night is in almost there and you’re looking for a last minute Haloween costume for your your child. Your search is over: here’s how to make a clock costume for kid that won’t take long to produce. Actually this clock costume is something I made for my child years ago while having to get creative for a masquerade attire. Like you, I had to make the party outfit at the very last moment.

A clock costume is something unusual, the kind of Halloween costume for kids that you won’t see everywhere and that you can be proud of since you made it yourself. The best part of the costume is that you can be as creative as you wish and customize it as much as you want. Clocks come in different styles, from Victorian to flashy, from round to square, you’ll always sure to find a clock that meets your needs.

Materials you need to make a clock costume for kid

To make a clock costume for kid you will need cardboard. Two big pieces of cardboard that must be as wide as your child’s waist line. Make sure the cardboard doesn’t cover his entire arms. Here’s the entire list of materials your need to make a clock costume:

Directions to make the clock costume:

  1. Cut the cardboard pieces into circles or squares – I chose circles,
  2. Using a pencil cover the surface with glue and paste the crepe paper – the paper must cover both sides of the cardboard,
  3. Draw numbers from 1 to 12 on colored construction paper and cut all them out,
  4. Draw a big and a small clock needles,
  5. Stick numbers and needles on one of the circles
  6. Draw clock tools on a sheet of black construction paper and cut them out,
  7. Stick them on the other circle which will feature the back of the clock,
  8. Punch 2 holes on the top of each piece of cardboard: using ribbon, you’ll fix the clock on your child’s shoulders,
  9. Punch 2 holes on each side of the clock: with ribbons you will secure the clock on your child’s waist.

Here how’s the clock should look like:

Front of the clock costume

front of the clock costume for kid

Front of the clock costume for kid

Back of the clock

back of the clock costume for kid

Back of the clock costume for kid

You would be agreeably surprised at how cardboard Halloween costumes can be creative and how popular they are among people! I know: the year I made this clock costume for my child, he won the costume contest. So go make a clock costume for kid and you’ll see by yourself how it works.

Happy Halloween!


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