Make a Witch Costume for Girl

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how to make a witch costume for girl

How to make a witch costume for girl

Some of us like nothing as much as the creativeness that we put into making our own costumes for masquerade parties. And so, when you make a witch costume for your little girl you are certain that she will never look like 10 or 15 other kids at the party.

However we are not all skilled enough to make a witch costume for girl as intricate as costume designers can do. But you don’t have to be upset not being able to provide your child a store-bought quality costume. Here is a very quick and easy to make witch costume for girl that you can put together and make your little one’s look unique.

How to make a witch costume for girl

Witches are among the most popular Halloween creatures. Most of the time they are green, disgusting, warty and wear pointy black hats. For little ones, Halloween would not be as scary as it is without witches.

Materials needed:

  • A black suit or a long black skirt and a black long sleeved shirt
  • A cape or a black jacket
  • A black conical hat –> you can make your own conical hat out of a box of cereals painted black. Paint some symbols like the Moon and stars for a more esoteric appearance.
  • A big green noose (with some warts)
  • Special witch face paint or a witch mask

Dress your daugther with these clothes and accessories, spend some time on her makeup – here is a fantastic tutorial for you to create an easy witch face paint and she’s ready to go trick or treating the neighborhood.

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