Homemade Fairy Halloween Costume for your Child

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Is there any shorcut to a homemade fairy Halloween costume for your daughter? Indeed, there’s a very easy way to create such a costume that will make any little girl reallly happy. A homemade fairy Halloween costume is the kind of outfit that is going your daughter to end up charming everyone around.

Butterfly Fairy Child CostumeAs a fairy who has just landed on the earth will make your little girl look like a surrealistic apparition descending among the range of mortals bringing her shiny aspect to make quite an impression on the ones around her.

How to Make a Homemade Fairy Halloween Costume

Setting your mind on creating the homemade fairy Halloween costume on your own then you should know that the secret lies in the colors that you want to use and the accessories hat need to match to the colors.

Princess Tulle Skirt The following are the ones that you will need: a bodice in a shape of a tight corset made of velvet and a rich large skirt made of organza. The top and the skirt should not be the same in colors – the top can be for instance cream and the skirt light blue – the colors have to be however soft hues.

Regarding the combination of colors, do not be afraid to let your imagination take control as ever combination of the following colors will lead to a single effect: being magic. So the colors of fairy Halloween costume could be: lavender, jade, blue, soft lilac, light nuances of green.

After finding the colors combination that you like, go for adding sparkle and glitter to the costume. Sequins can work with very nice effect when you have already found the pattern. The sequins can be applied at the neckline, at the bottom line of the top or at the waistline.

Sequin Star WandIn case there are also the parallel trims of the corset present (the ones that go form chest to waistline) you can have them decorated as well but using maybe sparkling white beads instead. Step by step the homemade fairy Halloween costume has come into its own contour. The accessories need to be worked on, such as the head wreath that can be made of a plastic headband that you will then decorate with tiny little silk flowers.

The colors chosen for the flowers should be very effect-full when being similar to the colors of the dress fabric. You can hold in your hand the magic wand with which you will cast spells over the crowd around you who is already fascinated by the magical appearance of a fairy Halloween costume created by you.

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