Halloween Gift Baskets for Adults

Ghoulish Crazy for You Cookie Bouquet – Set of 9 CookiesKids go treat or trick all the way around on Halloween; bringing their Halloween trick or treat bags from home to home. However, what do grownups get as treats on Halloween?

Of course, adults have the great advantage to throw and participate in Halloween parties all night long but do they get some treats? After all, there is no reason for grownups to not get a few gifts on October 31st, don’t you think so?

Here are a few Halloween gift basket ideas that will allow you to bring a lot of pleasure to any grownup in your neighborhood.

Choosing the Type of Halloween Gift Basket

I’m not going to talk through what a gift basket is, chances are that you already offered some to your loved ones, family and/or friends.

However, when giving Halloween gift baskets – or whatever other major holiday event gift basket – the first thing to do is make a decision on the kind of gift basket you’re going to give.

Therefore, what kind of basket are you going to get your recipient: homemade Halloween gift basket or ready-made gift basket found at any Halloween retailer store?

The second thing to think of is the type of things you’re going to fill the Halloween gift basket with as they have to stick to the theme and the theme is Halloween: treats, scary masks, pumpkins, candies, alchohol, …?

How to Make a Halloween Gift Basket

If you decide to give a homemade Halloween gift basket, you will need to get some materials and items from the grocery store or craft store so that you can fill the basket.

The first item to get is the basket itself and therefore, choose the size of the basket as it must be able to contain all the items you plan to put into it. Then you’ll have to select the materials the basket is made out of: straw, iron, an empty shoe box that you’re going to decorate yourself, …

Once you have your basket ready, you will place some black and orange silk paper cut into small pieces in the bottom of your Halloween gift basket so that yo make sure the goodies aren’t at the risk of ending up broken. In addition, such paper is a fantastic way to decorate your gift basket.

Next, decide if you’re going to wrap the gifts or not. The choice is yours: wrapping Halloween gifts necessitate to find Halloween themed wrapping while opting for no wrap around your gifts will prevent you from spending more money than planned – this might also avoid the task of searching for Halloween themed wrapping.

When all items are set right inside the Halloween gift basket, you can cover it up with cellophane wrap. Make sure you have enough cellophane wrap, particularly if the gift basket is big. You can add a big orange or black ribbon on top of the cellophane wrap.

Add the finishing touches with a nice card on which you write something dedicated to the recipient of your Halloween gift basket. Try to find something more original than a simple “Happy Halloween”; the best idea is to write a scary sentence related to your recipient’s personality.

Filling your Halloween Gift Basket

The Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Sweets, Treats, and Other Autumnal DelightsThe type of goodies you’re going to fill your Halloween gift basket with depends on how large is your budget. Indeed, the range of items you can use is quite wide and you’re the only one who’s able to make decision on the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Here are a few items for you to choose from when filling the gift basket:

  • Scary stories book ;
  • Halloween masks ;
  • Pumpkins – fill the basket with some squashes and Okaido pumpkins along with a good pumpkin recipe book ;
  • Homemade ghoulish Halloween snacks together with a Halloween themed bottle of wine ;
  • A bouquet of orange, black and white dead flowers ;
  • Some Halloween movies and CDs ;
  • Halloween themed cookies and candies.

Fill your basket with some of the most popular Halloween symbols

Halloween Sugar Cookies Gift Tin

For example, those Halloween cookies are great as gifts and while in different shapes (Halloween bats, ghosts, pumpkins) and colors, all have the same flavour and taste of original sugar cookies and are prepackaged a tin including 20 sweets. Use these tasty treats as a base for your Halloween gift basket, add a pack candy corn, a small Halloween decorating item or a paper Halloween mask. Voila, you have a fantastic gift to get someone you like on All Hollow’s Eve.

Possibilities are almost endless when it comes to fill a Halloween gift basket as you’re not obliged to stick to the Halloween holiday when you select the goodies themselves; for as long as the basket is decorated to meet the Halloween day, it’s fine.

Therefore, if your recipient collects masks, you may want to fill the basket with some Venice masks, while those relate more to Carnival, they won’t hurt the actual theme of the day.

If your recipient is short on their budget, you may want to get them a basket filled with a bunch of Halloween decorating items such as spider webs, spiders, bats, window decorations, and even Halloween crafts made by your kids; so that they can use them to decorate the home on their next Halloween holiday.

Another possibility is to get your friend or beloved one a few Fall themed decorating items, particularly if you live in the US as this will allow them to decorate their home for Thanksgiving; after all, Halloween and Thanksgiving are both Autumn holidays.

Pre-Made Halloween Gift Basket Option

Towering Jack O Lantern Halloween Gift BasketBesides making a Halloween gift basket yourself, you can get a ready-made one at your local grocery store or shopping center.

If you don’t find one that meets your needs or don’t have time to run everywhere looking for the perfect Halloween gift basket to get your loved ones, you can make a search online: there are many great online stores that sell fantastic Halloween gift baskets for an affordable price.

Some online stores even allow discounted prices on such items around Halloween.

Chances are that with a Halloween gift basket you’re going to agreeably surprise your friends as it is a creative and original Halloween gift. The more creative you are the best will be the surprise as your recipient will definitely understand that you care about them.

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