Tower of Terror, a Horror Movie for Kids

tower of terror a horror movie for kids

If you are looking for a good Halloween movie but don’t want your kids to watch a bloody film or anything that might cause them nightmares at night, then, The Tower of Terror is a perfect Halloween movie to watch together with the whole family. In order to take a … Click to read more

Halloween Horror Movie Top 10

One of the most popular activities for the holiday is planning Halloween horror movie parties. People gather around the television and watch some horror films while eating pop corn and drinking sodas. These films are as frightful as the All Hollow’s Eve and a great start point for any dreadful … Click to read more

Witches, Most Popular Halloween Symbols

When one hears the term witches it usually brings to mind green-skinned old hags hovering over a large black cauldron filled with horrible ingredients, chanting some sort of spell and “worshipping the devil”. Hollywood is largely responsible for such false propaganda simply because it makes for a more exciting movie. … Click to read more

Vampires: Fact or Fiction?

The belief in vampires has been around for as long as mankind has walked the earth—but what gave rise to such a belief? Was it just, as many theorize, an attempt by poor, uneducated people to explain some unknown sickness that was running rampant through a village; or could it … Click to read more

Tools of the Witchcraft

There are a few basic tools of the witchcraft. These tools may be as elaborate or as simple as the witch chooses. It usually comes down to the particular witch’s personal tastes and monetary budget. The first piece of equipment is the Athame, (pronounced ah-tha-mee). It is a ceremonial knife … Click to read more

Shadow Creatures

Shadow creatures, also called shadow people, shadow men, shadaes, or shadow beings are some kind of supernatural shadow-like creatures. Tales of these things are in both modern tales old folklore, as well as traditional Native American beliefs. They always seem to appear as dark forms, sometimes in the peripheries of … Click to read more

Scariest Places On Earth Stories

Photo: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Hollywood Tower Hotel in Disneyworld, Florida. Author: Deror_avi - in Wikimedia Commons

One of the best things about Halloween is being scared. It is a time when spooky ghost stories are told and people dress up in costumes they normally wouldn’t. It is a time when people search for haunted cemeteries, haunted houses and haunted buildings because they want to be scared, … Click to read more

Poltergeists: Do They Exist And What Are They?

Poltergeist is a combination of two German words, ‘poltern’ meaning a rumbling or to make noise and ‘Geist’, which means spirit, ghost, or embodiment. Poltergeists are thought to be ghosts or spirits that make noises, such as knocking or banging sounds, and they can sometimes move objects. Often strange disembodied … Click to read more

Monsters: Reality or Myth?

For as long as mankind has lived on this planet he has told tales of strange terrifying beasts and monsters. While most of these tales are thought of as mere superstitions or fanciful myths, are they really just fanciful tales? Sightings of strange creatures continue even into the twenty first … Click to read more

Lake Monsters

In no less than over 250 freshwater lakes all over the world are reports of some very large, unidentified creatures, that in many cases seem to bear a striking resemblance to a dinosaur known as a plesiosaur. When one hears about such reports it instantly conjures up images of Nessie, … Click to read more

All About Goblins

A goblin is considered to be a nasty, evil, crabby, and mischievous creature in the folklore of many cultures…although most of the legends seem to come from Europe. Often these creatures of the Realm of the Fae, or Faerie, are described as a rather grotesquely disfigured little gnome-like creature that … Click to read more

Demons, Devils And Other Unseen Creatures

Through out the annals of history mankind has told of dark and terrifying specters they called demons. Demons are defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as an evil spirit that is a source of great harm and an agent of evil. The term come from the old Greek daimon and the … Click to read more

Halloween Horror Movie: The Blair Witch Project

  A small number of films lead to as such stressful feelings in the way that the “The Blair Witch Project” did as a result of its 1999 introduction. Announced and recorded like a genuine documentary the film brought together voodoo myths, village bad vibes, along with madness and shot … Click to read more