Best Halloween Graveyard Props 2013

Have you ever thought about creating your own spooky Halloween graveyard? It is extremely fun to design dark and scary places to roam in the windy, electric air of a late October evening. You can create many themed Halloween decors using Halloween graveyard props.

Apart from Cemetary themed parties and outdoor decor, what can you do with Halloween graveyard props? Using Halloween graveyard props you could set up the basic decor of a Halloween zombie prom night party. A haunted Halloween party can also be host of graveyard decorating items of course as well as any theme that would involve ghosts, ghouls or monsters. In addition, there are many of such items available for purchase online at online retailing stores.

Best 5 Halloween Graveyard Props 2013

Graveyard gate entrance

Graveyard EntranceThe first type of Halloween graveyard props you’ll need to create your own Halloween graveyard, is a graveyard gates entrance. This type of Halloween graveyard props will welcome guests to your gathering in style. Since your outdoor decor is the starting point of your party or event, it should include that type of item.

The entrance will quickly push your party guests in the haunted atmosphere of the event. You could have someone taking pictures of your guests passing under the arch. It’s a great prop for a picture background as well.

This graveyard entrance comes with printed columns. Prints are visible on both sides of the arch as well so you don’t have to worry about the realistic look of your outdoor props nor the way you place them on the yard. The entrance measures 10′ high on 6′ wide. You need to assemble the different pieces as the set comes in kit.

Graveyard Kit

Graveyard KitAnother great way to decorate your haunted cemetary yard is using Halloween graveyard props to decorate the way to the main event. Walkthrough props will work wonders as your party guests will never leave the haunted area once they passed under the gate.

The graveyard kit featured to the right includes everyting you need to turn your front yard into a spooky cemetary. The kit comes with three tombstones made out of plastic (23″ x 15″ x 1″), a cemetary wall that comes with 3 pieces (21 1/2″ x 12 1/2″). The pack also includes a hanging bat that measures 16″, spider webs that you can place on the wall and tombstones.

Add a few fake spiders, fog and you have a very realistic graveyard that has the appearance of those you saw in those frightening movies.

You may also like the 31 Piece Graveyard Kit. This kit contains tombstones, cemetery walls, spider webs, and even a bat to create the perfect atmosphere on your lawn.

Corex Crypt Prop

Corex Crypt KitWhat would be a cemetary without a crypt ? If you have enough space on your front yard, you could add such a Halloween prop as it would provide it with a very creepy appearance.

The Corex Crypt prop is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; which makes it also a great addition to your haunted party room decor.

If you opt for using it in the yard so as to provide the haunted graveyard with a spookier look then you can do so but make sure to add this prop after the entrance gate.

Measures for the crypt stand featured to the left are:¬† 7″ height and 7″ 1/2 width. It is made out of corex materials which is resistant so good for outdoor use. The crypt comes in kis so you’ll have some assembly tasks to do.

Using some blue and red or purple lights will increase the scary look.

Eerie Tombstones

Crooked Tombstone Set Set/3Every Halloween graveyard display needs to have a variety of creepy tombstones. Some of the most popular Halloween graveyard props 2013 are the Mossy Bat Tombstone, Skull and Crossbones RIP Tombstone, RIP Pedestal Tombstone with Rose and the Celtic Cross Tombstone.

Using several different types of decorative tombstones is the best way to create realistic looking Halloween graveyards. You should also put a cool cemetery sign outside of the entrance of their graveyard so everyone knows to watch out for the dead.

The Crooked Tombstone set featured to the right includes 3 old looking tombstones that are provided with a RIP saying. The measures for the tombstones are 21″. They’re made out of foam and come with a stand that you can remove if you wish.

The set includes assorted tombstones. If you have lots of space on your front yard, you can add different tombstones to those, it will just enhance the creepy look of your decor.

Graveyard Fence

Silver Skull Fence Set/2To complete your graveyard scene you can put up a chilling graveyard fence. A graveyard fence will make the cemetery look more authentic and prevent kids from trampling the decorations.

If who take the time to put together a display that includes all of the five top decorations, you will have one of the best Halloween Graveyards in town. Anyone passing by your front yard will just be as surprised as possible and will take pictures and probably will want to be invited to your party.

The silver skull fence featured here comes in two pieces measuring 36″ H x 18″ W (each of the items).

Whatever you decide to do for this Halloween, know that there are a plethora of scary, monstrous, creepy, and wonderful decor options all available at all online specialized stores. Haunt some Halloween graveyards this year and make great memories for a lifetime.

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