18th Century Halloween Costumes

The 18th Century is the period of time between 1700 and 1799 in historical terms. In Halloween terms, it is a fantastic period of time because there are so many great costumes that can come from this period of time. A good way to start your thinking about the 18th century Halloween costumes is to take a look at the history books that deal with Europe during the 18th century. Take a look at the things worn by royalty all across Europe but especially in places like Russia, France and England so that you can gain inspiration for a royalty costume to wear this Halloween.

18th century pirates

Of course, royalty are not the only people worth emulating from in terms of 18th century Halloween costumes. During the same period of time there were pirates coasting across the water and then robbing ships of various fleets blind.

The pirate lifestyle was recently explored further in Pirates of the Caribbean and the sequels that came with it and for this reason pirate outfits are very popular in the present day.

One of the areas of history that was very good for pirates was indeed the 18th century and there are many history books that contain paintings of pirate garb from this particular period of time.

18th century pirate costumes and accessories

18th century is a time for revolutions

The 18th century was also a time of revolution. During this period of time there was the French Revolution and of course the American Revolution that resulted in the birthing of the United States of America.

These events bring about the chance of many excellent historically accurate 18th century Halloween costumes. You could dress up as a French revolutionary, a Founding Father of the United States or even a Redcoat Soldier from Britain with an old time firearm that was used during that period of time.

The historical events and in particular the revolutions should give you many ideas forĀ 18th century Halloween costumes if you are looking to get something done.

18th century costumes and accessories

What’s with 18th century women

Finally, the general dress during that period of time is also something that can give you ideas for Halloween costumes – very fancy tuxedos, gloves, boots and top hats for the men and very fancy dresses, corsets and leggings for the women.

Glamour was definitely a large part of everything in those days and if you want to relive them through your Halloween costume you should definitely aim as high as you can possibly go.

The best way to make 18th century Halloween costumes work for you is to really go all out in the planning and design.

18th century women costumes and accessories

I hope that you’ll find your next Halloween party outfit in these 18th century costume suggestions.

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